Just Drink You Can Do It

Dear Friends,
This past friday, I had the creative fortune of subbing as a middle school art teacher. The sixth grade project was conceptualizing a new brand of juice/sport drink. Besides designing the can – a catchy slogan was asked for.

Just for giggles while on my lunch break, I created my own version of a dream drink. But I must warn you my friends, I get superbly corny and overly sentimental this time of year (not too cool for an art person 😉 ). I present my beverage idea for your drinking entertainment –
Can DoThank you. May you dream of bathing in your own magic drink.

Sketch done during friday lunch break.
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16 thoughts on “Just Drink You Can Do It

  1. AnnMarie, I’m LOLing because I’m thinking, “I need a sh*tload of that stuff!” 🙂 And I’m also thinking that I’d probably find a case of CanDo down that beer and wine aisle, which could be a lot of fun, 🙂 You know, I said earlier today that I really ought to get our little Christmas tree (take out of box, put on table) up tonight. Have I done it yet? No, I’m on the couch watching football, on my iPad! And remember: Sentiment is good; it means you’re alive and well. 🙂


  2. Middle school art…. clearly you’re at a better school than I am. Subbing an art class here means a chat with administrators and/or the school resource officer (aka the school’s permanently assigned deputy sheriff) at the end of the day. Or possibly in the middle of the day. Or first thing in the morning.


    • The students in the school system here are okay – most are manageable. I don’t do well with the disrespect thing though and I try my best to find a solution that works. It can be disheartening at times. It sounds like your schools are even a bit more ‘energetic’
      I subbed today and the experience wasn’t as pleasant…argh 😉
      AnnMarie 🙂


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