A Gift for You

Dear Friends,
May you celebrate peace within a wondrous season of joy…
Warmest winter wishes…
Christmas GiftHave a grand dream, maybe two…

Peace to you all,
AnnMarie 🙂
Will return in a few days if my brain and fingers haven’t become too cookie-inebriated 😉


23 thoughts on “A Gift for You

  1. Dearest AnnMarie, wishing you, Keith, Max, Caroline, Mojo and Rocky (hope I haven’t missed anyone!) a wonderful holiday season filled with joy, peace and good will! Not sure if you have Christmaspalooza (like your Thanksgivingpalooza), but if you do, I hope it’s relaxing and fun-filled, with lots of good chocolate and cookies, and cookies and chocolate. 🙂 I think you’re supposed to have rain, but I’ll wish you a merry white Christmas anyway. Love your art all packaged up like this — makes for a wonderful collage! We shopped last night until we dropped at 10 p.m., but still have to go out tonight again. Fun times. Anyhoot, you have a good day, girlie, and don’t get into that eggnog too soon (well, wait at least until lunch!), 🙂 Augurandovi un felice soggiorno, amico mio!


    • Sent you an email just be paws…
      My mom hosts Christmas Eve – phew – and this is described as Christmas Triage – while at mom’s one must be careful not to get slammed with flying packages – gifts fly across the room and the floor suddenly looks more decorated than the tree – but it’s loads of fun. Christmas Day is beautiful ’cause it’s quiet – just the me and ye old fam and of course, Rocky and Mojo. We get to stay in our pjs all day and showering is optional 😉
      You’re almost done – keep at it ’til that last bow is tied! Then hit the nog and while your having one think of me having one too!!!
      Merry, merry Deb!!!
      AnnMarie 🙂
      ps you’ve forced me to bust out a foreign language dictionary – though the lights are bright at Christmas, my brain couldn’t be any dimmer 😉


      • Grazie per l’email, che vi leggeró presto! (Translation: Thank you for the email, which I will soon read.) Before you begin to think I’m brilliant, I must tell you “there’s an app for that”: iTranslate. 🙂 Ah, your Christmas Triage sounds like what the Levy Christmases used to be — packages flying! I hope the packages that fly into your hands are just the ones you want, or need. And then the actual day — well, ain’t it the best? Plenty of time to watch movies, eat, watch, eat, nap, eat.

        We have to go out today, again, but we got most of our shopping licked last night (got home at 10 p.m. — I’ve never shopped so late! And am not exactly thrilled to do it again.) Will definitely raise a mug of nog in your honor, Miss, on Christmas Eve, when our family celebrates. 🙂 Merry Christmas, AnnMarie, D.


      • Hi there, Deb,
        I’ve heard of the app and should probably use it…yes, I’ll add to the Resolution Rotation.
        It took several days to fit my butt back in my desk chair – I ate so freakin’ much over Christmas! It was wonderful though, as always. Didn’t get hit with any flying packages, only had to deal with some fog getting back home from PA to NY and Christmas Day was spent in pjs. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too. (I’m sure you got all your shopping done in time)
        And now, I must read many posts missed…
        AM 🙂


      • Hi, AnnMarie. We did have a very nice Christmas, quiet, but nice. And we did the family thing, which was different since this was the first year without Bob’s folks. Different, but still good. Glad you didn’t get hit by flying presents, and glad too you made it home safely. You’d better relax and enjoy the down days between parties! Don’t worry about the blogosphere; it ain’t going nowhere (as we say in the I state). 🙂


      • Hi Deb!
        Quiet holidays are underrated 🙂 I love our quiet Christmas – food, pjs and peace followed by leftovers, showers and bellyaches 😉
        I’m glad you had a lovely day. I’ll get back to reg blogging in 2015 (freaky number – geez – I want the ’80’s back heck I’ll even take the ’90’s)
        I state or M state – it’s all good (as is the state of confusion which I’m currently in) 🙂
        AM 🙂

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  2. AnnMarie, I count you at the top of the gifts blogging has given me…the collage of Christmas critters is absolutely delightful, and I am sitting here giggling at the thought of the gifts flying around the room at your mom’s Christmas Eve (packages all sprouting little wings, perhaps?). My best gifts of the season — Joseph and Erika — will arrive sometime this afternoon for an amazing three-day stay, and all will be merry and bright. Hug your dear ones tightly and enjoy every minute of the Christmas chaos. – Fawn


    • Fawn –
      What warm words to be greeted with in the am. I thank you from the bottom to the top of my heart. I hope you had a glorious Christmas. I can gladly report, no one was maimed by flying packages this year 🙂 I’m so glad your family could be together – there’s no better gift (you know this better than anyone!)
      AM 🙂


  3. The perfect gift! Merry Christmas to you and your family Ann. The countdown shows just 20 minutes until midnight and all is extremely quiet. I have my bear traps set for Santa. Tee Hee!


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