And Happy Knew Here…

Dear Friends,
There is a tale I’d like to share with you for gentle thoughts heading into 2015. It is a story of life’s fabric wearing thin but the threads holding true. It is the rich tale of a poor farmer. His name was Happy.

And Happy Knew Here

Happy received his name upon reaching his fifth birthday. Until then, he hadn’t a name. His parents didn’t want to name him until they knew him. Happy’s family was poor. They survived by toil and love. The only gift Happy had ever received was a long, blue coat. It was made from a wealthy chef’s discarded blankets. The handmade coat wasn’t intended as a birthday gift, it just happened to be finished on Happy’s fifth birthday.

Each night after their son was fast asleep, Happy’s mother and father worked on the coat. Happy’y father patiently braided together dog hair, crow feathers and wheat stalks to make coarse thread. His mother then painstakingly sewed the pieces of broken blankets together. It was a long and arduous process. When they finally gave the coat to their son, he smiled. He was jubilant. He was Happy.

Happy’s mother and father’s lives were spent harvesting, selling and preparing crops for the long, cold winter months. The only rest they ever allowed themselves was a few moments each day when they’d sing to Happy beneath the shade of a magical Weeping Cherry. Now the tree wasn’t really magical, but Happy believed it was. The Weeping Cherry’s fragrant pink and white blossoms sparkled like starlight. The tree’s long limbs sheltered the family like a warm embrace.

Time and toil eventually took Happy’s parents to a place of everlasting rest. Happy continued working in his family’s field and finding rest beneath the starlight of the Cherry Blossom. His old blue coat, now a waistcoat, had survived many, many harsh winters. One day while Happy rested beneath the Cherry Blossom, his coat rolled up like a pillow beneath his tired head, he heard his mother and father singing. Happy’s life had been hard. Happy’s life had been long. And though he lived a solitary existence, he never knew loneliness. Happy’s blue coat had protected him. The Cherry Blossom’s limbs had embraced him. His parents’ love had filled his heart with peace and joy.

And Happy knew here, beneath the magical Cherry Blossom tree…he’d lived a rich full life.
Robin's TreeThank you. I hoped you liked my little story of a man named Happy. May you dream of peace within a warm embrace.

Happiest of joy in the New Year…

Robin’s Tree painted on request several years ago as are all requests for dear friends. 


16 thoughts on “And Happy Knew Here…

  1. Okay you, I’m writing this from cherry country (literally), and I’ve re-read your story 3 times, and I could read it 3 times 3 … it is that good and invites re-reading, like all wonderful fiction. I’m not sure what to say except that I hope this is the start of something “writerly” for you. Of course, the artwork is great, as always (always!), but dammit, the story is a knockout, a sweet, tender narrative about life, and connection, and love. Even the title is perfect. I’m jealous (and happy to be so). Happy New Year, Miss AM!


    • Ah Deb,
      I Happily thank you so much. Happy was in my head, I woke up and there he was. Then, when I remembered I’d painted a tree a few years back for a friend (I generally don’t do leaves – I appreciate but don’t enjoy creating landscapes myself) I thought Happy wants out, so I found the tree pic and released Happy the farmer… I was a bit blue writing this and then felt worse ’cause I didn’t want to make others feel blue (like Happy’s coat), but I thought if anyone actually reads this long thing, they might glean a bit of happy too. So dearest blog friend, I thank you for actually taking the time to read and I doubly thank you for taking the time to read again and I triply (is that a word) thank you for taking the time to comment and (the forth time) thank you for your kindness 🙂 Today, is my catch up on posts day – so I’ll ‘see’ you later 😉
      AM 🙂
      I have many of these little ‘stories’ I’ve accumulated over the years. I write them, sometimes finish, sometimes not then often think I should go through my files and see if anything is still workable… Keith gave my DragonSpeak a few years back and I sometimes say – it might be fun to learn to use it to complete some of these little stories… 🙂


      • Dear Miss AM, sometimes stories must be released; sometimes feeling blue brings out the best stories; sometimes saddish stories are the most cathartic and release their own special kind of happiness. Accumulated stories => return to => finish workable stories. 🙂


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