Bird on a Toe

My Friends,
Purfeath is part bird. Though his appetite is much grander and his bones are much denser, he believes he’s fowl all the way down to his clawed feet. Purfeath enjoys letting birds rest on his toes. Besides tickling his feet, the touch of feathers makes Purfeath feel loved and lets him know he’s not alone, even though he’s one-of-a-kind.
Bird Toe

The other day I looked out at our bird feeder. It was nearly empty again. I can’t believe how much tiny birds eat. A gorgeous, red-headed woodpecker comes a callin’ every day too. A pair of bulky bluejays can’t fit their heads into the feeder. They luck out and get bread crusts and cookies for dessert.
bird feeder

I often look at the ‘frail’ birds pecking away at the feeder. How do hollow bones and light feathers keep them alive in these harsh, single digit temperatures? Nature is truly amazing.
birdhouseThe giant husband built this birdhouse. It’s hard to see, but there’s a little bird sitting on the “For Rent” sign to the right of the house. The giant husband’s sense of humor. 🙂

Thank you. May you dream of birds large and small gliding you across a sky of sleepy stars.
Purfeath created yesterday after bird feeder inspiration. 


10 thoughts on “Bird on a Toe

  1. Perchance Purfeath … Love this guy! He’s quite a character, and a loveable one at that. Birds are wonderful creatures, and as you say, they’re also amazing considering how fragile they are. We feed the birds’ voracious appetites as well, and we go through quite a bit of food. Tell Keith love the birdhouse (and his sense of humor), 🙂 Beautiful landscape photo! And I have to go back to Purfeath: The description accures with details about him P and ends with a last line, a flourish that is so — well, touching. 🙂

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    • Birdhouse No1 went the way of Oz except it didn’t land on a witch it landed in a ditch 😉 I’ll tell Keith 🙂 Feeding the birds is satisfying and I love watching them in the am. You come to know the familiars – like old friends. The photos were really bad – silly phone camera – I had to doctor them up plenty to make them somewhat presentable 🙂 Purfeath was fun to create. I think the part I like best about making odd creatures is naming them! Have a wondrous Wednesday, Deb! – AM 🙂 I’ll email upon PA return!


      • Your photos are great! Sorry about Birdhouse No. 1, but your birds are lucky anyhoo. You, too, have a great, fun, adverturous day! I’ll be here, 🙂


  2. Birds really are quite amazing. Around here, the favored ones are the hummingbirds (I keep a feeder out for them) and scrub jays (aka bluejays). They were the ones Mom loved, and I consider them messengers from her. The whole concept of annual migration is mind-boggling to me. Imagine heading somewhere with only an internal map to guide you, with the landmarks changing from year to year willy-nilly! I love your view, although that’s way too much snow for this Arizona/California girl. Hugs – Fawn


    • I love watching them too – a little interactive community right outside a window is there for the asking (or feeding).
      I’ll think of you when I see the bluejays now 🙂
      Migration is a wonder. And it especially thrills me ’cause I’ve absolutely no directional sense!
      I must have white winters you Cal girl you 😉
      AM 🙂


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