Oscar E. Hornse

Dear Friends,
Today was spent with my left hand covered in #2 Office Depot graphite. The silvery sheen was quite lovely except when it smudged – which was most of the time.

Equine anatomy often finds its way into my conceptual sketching. Someday I’d love to gaze out my backyard window and wave to Oscar E. Hornse, my old paint horse.
horsehornsThank you. May you dream of silver-winged horses and golden wishes taking flight.



10 thoughts on “Oscar E. Hornse

  1. Ah, AM, I didn’t know you were a girl who loved horses — and had one of your very own! How very cool! I love the look of this guy; the detail is amazing. I’d be somewhat afraid to take him out for a spin, though, because he looks to have a wild streak about him (note those eyes!); however, those horns could be mighty handy to hang onto. 🙂 Good, “golden” work, Miss. Have a great day, you! Enjoy, enjoy!

    P.S.: #2 Office Depot Graphite — sounds like a tennis racquet, 🙂


    • Yes, I love my horses, someday I hope to own a real live one instead of making up all these weird ones on paper 🙂 I wish my Breyers’ collection or my many Painted Ponies that stand on the long wall shelf in my kitchen could come to life – sort of like that scene in Mary Poppins where they fly off the carousel.
      And the horns would be wondrous things to hold on to considering the last time I rode a real horse I fell off.
      Thanks Miss Deb.
      AM 🙂
      lol – does sound like a racket –


      • If you drink enough wine, ponies will come to life and Mary Poppins (I love that movie) may make a cameo appearance. 🙂 I’m sorry you fell off a horse — hope you landed on your feet. I’ve ridden, like, twice in my life, and I was pretty shaky up there in the saddle. Hope you someday get that horse, 🙂


  2. The closest thing to real horses around here are My Little Ponies, both winged and horned, and their human counterparts, the Equestria Girls. I love your drawing, although the teeth are a bit scary! Happy weekend, AnnMarie! – Fawn


    • I have lots o’horsies around here. We gave my daughter’s little ponies to her cousin years ago – should have held on to them. I gave my first Breyers’ horses away too and wish I hadn’t. Today’s Breyers’ models aren’t of the same quality.
      Oscar did come out a bit frightening – probably because I was surrounded by high school students and not the ones in high school musical 😉


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