Mall Walkers and Snakes

My Friends,
During these freezing New York temps, the giant husband and I move our morning walks indoors. We enjoy extending breezy, “good mornings” to the tiny, senior parade marching through the mall at dawn’s light. Yes, the giant husband and I follow the senior circuit. We too, march along the mall’s orange footprint route.
orange foot Four times around the mall is two miles. During these little trips we’ve learned a few things: Don’t take with your wallet. Elderly folks who walk everyday do so with a smile. The giant husband and I must always walk faster than the tiny senior parade. Some elderly folks can walk really fast.
giant husband tiny walkersTwo lovely mall walkers, Gerri and Pat, were gracious enough to pose with the giant husband. I told them I had a blog and would like to use this image. They gave a resounding, “YES,” while still smiling they added, “we don’t have computers but our children do and we’ll keep an eye out for our picture.” 🙂

Sometimes to maintain a brisk walking pace, I imagine we’re mice and there is a large snake looming behind…
Snake MouseThank you. May you dream of peaceful walks with friends.
Photos taken last week. Snake and mouse rendered in marker for a project.




14 thoughts on “Mall Walkers and Snakes

  1. To walk fast, I imagine old ladies behind me with shopping carts on the day the supermarket puts out the first strawberries of the season. Gangway! I don’t know which is more likely to inspire a sprinting nightmare–being chased by a zooming cart or a snake!


  2. Well, Miss AM, let me first say how adorable Keith is posing with those two little ladies (I’ll bet that made their day; I’ll bet they’ll have their children print out the photo and then display it proudly). So sweet! 🙂 And then, Miss, about that snake — well, let me just tell you that it scared the [explicit language deleted] out of me! So detailed, so … REAL! Dang, lady, that is one fine drawing (and my sympathies go to the mouse; I’d say his situation doesn’t bode well for him). Great art! Oars in the water, 🙂


    • Thanks Deb. Those little ladies couldn’t stop giggling standing beside Keith 🙂 Don’t feel too bad for the mouse – he’s a Kangaroo mouse who can leap really high and the snake just came from Starbuck’s 😉
      Oars in, dinghies moving!
      AM 🙂


      • Well, they’re certainly cute, those ladies — and Keith looks like he’s enjoying himself, too. But I still don’t know about that dang snake … 🙂 O & D, good!

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  3. The good Lord knows I need to stay active to keep this old body moving so I try to walk as often as I can. I had one of those “I’ve got to get out of this house” mornings that put me on the MAX train to the zoo yesterday. Unfortunately Mother Nature decided to throw me a curve ball by have a chilly rain falling as soon as I stepped outside. This called for “Plan B”, a detour to the Forestry Center where I got in for free with my “get out of jail” Zoo membership. It was a boring experience to be honest but it did get me out and it did get me exercise climbing all the steps to go between the different floors of the exhibit. I avoided cabin fever and got home just in time to watch the super Bowl.


    • Morning, Bob. I give you high marks for venturing out in the cold and having a Plan B. We should all be so smart. You find opportunities and create little enchantments even when you’re not photographing the magical beauty of zoo critters 🙂
      And it was a heck of a game!
      Have a terrific Monday. No school for us – we have beautiful snow. Poor Mojo the Dachshund had to spin about 20 times this morning before his butt created a hole deep enough for his morning constitution 🙂


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