The Squirrel’s Wine Box

My Friends,
They say to have a memory like an elephant is to never forget. I have a terrible memory but the smarts of a squirrel. When I was little, I filled a shoebox with my most precious things. I squirreled away items I wanted to be buried with – like an Egyptian king. In my teens I swapped my shoebox for a sturdy wooden one. I still take my Riunite box out now and again to walk the sure-footed steps of an elephant. I take out each item and remember what I never want to forget…
ElephantHere’s my Memory Box
Memory BoxAnd I share with you its precious contents
Memory innardsItems- manilla folder stuffed with special letters, locks of love cards, b/w photo of my high school softball days, the first horse I ever bought with my own money, a little jewelry tin filled with junk trinkets, my baby shoe, the collar from my first dog, small church books from my Catholic grade school, my first Christmas stocking, my first pair of eye glasses, my cool button “Real People Wear Fake Fur”, my Prentice Hall business card, a Matchbox car, rocks I painted for 9/11, the beautiful poem Ithaca, by C.P Cavafy

Thank you. May your dreams be full of adventure and discovery.
Elephant in prisma pencil 2007.
Memory collection beginning in 1970…Memory photos taken today


18 thoughts on “The Squirrel’s Wine Box

  1. I won’t even tell you how my mind mispronounced the name on your wooden Memory Box — it wasn’t until I pulled back and saw that it was “Riunite” (a wine box!), which, really, is quite appropriate: The contents inside the box “re-unite” you with your past [clever, eh? but true!]. Aside from the beautiful elephant (so perfectly detailed), this post is also so very touching. Your “stuff,” your “personal effects,” I can really relate to — and I just love looking at objects that are important to other people. Those items say so much about the person and help to spell out a life. And you, Miss AM, have shared a part of your life with your blog readers — which is a very brave and beautiful thing to do! 🙂


    • I was trying to remember where I got the wine box – I couldn’t. I love going through my little box every so often. I keep memory boxes for the kids too except their’s are plastic tubs in the attic. And I thin I’ve probably kept too much for them.
      Glad you enjoyed 🙂
      Elephants are tough to do – those wrinkles are many
      AM 🙂
      Happy Thurusday – it is Thursday right


      • My mother-in-law was a collector of al things “elephant.” If you’re ever in need of a small-scale model, let me know. We have boxes of them — which will hopefull be sold in this spring’s garage sale (I read your comment to Bob). I enjoyed your post very much so! 🙂


  2. I too have created a time capsule. It’s called my bedroom. I’ve been moving from apartments to condos to apartments to condos and finally a house. That’s over a 9-10 period since moving to Oregon from South Carolina. Back then I carried all my worldly possessions in the back of a Budget Rental Truck and that included my 2005 BMW Touring motorcycle, my only vehicle at that time. I keep trying to get rid of stuff but then I keep acquiring more stuff so it’s a never ending story. I have a metal file box with the really important papers like birth certificates, discharge papers, social security card and the like. I am a pack rat squirreling away treasures I’m sure I’m going to need someday, I think. I like your collection too. I need to get rid of my money clip since I never have any.


    • AH, a room instead of a box – I should have thought of that 😉 It’s amazing how we acquire things as we go. I’m on a mission to simplify. I can’t stand all the stuff around my house – it’s too much. I’m having a garage sale this spring and whatever doesn’t sell or I can’t give away is not coming back in!
      I’d keep the money clip – it’s a small thing and hey, yo never know – maybe there’s a lottery ticket in your future and then you could use the clip to create your own preservation – a photographer’s paradise – and you’d help endangered animals too – Bob’s Menagerie for Wayward Critters 🙂


      • If I won the lottery I would build a tiny house on a trail and have my butler, james, drive me to beautiful locations to photograph them. My butler would be a man, Friday, that would arrange for all my needs and whims. He would be paid handsomely and have a great staff of worker bees at his fingertips.


      • Hey, what happened to your island 😉 And with all that money you could make James – a Jamie and she could look like Hale Berry 😉 But, I’m glad he/she would be paid handsomely for their efforts, I’ve no doubt you’d be benevolent ruler. And extra help is always needed especially when the person who would be signing their paychecks asks lions and tigers to pose nicely 🙂


      • I’d like someone like Ellen Degeneres who is funny and loves animals. I wouldn’t mind if Ellen’s wife were to move in too. At least I wouldn’t need to worry about them being faithful. I don’t think money would be an issue either since both of them are quite secure. We could have a helipad on our island for everyone to use to commute wherever and our own private pilot, like John Travolta. 🙂


  3. What a richness of shades of colours on the skin of this animal ! Your site is brimful of unfailing works of art and your new look in gravatar is splendid. Thank you very much and greetings from Sketchuniverse


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