Tonight, I Am a Lynx

My Friends,
There are days I’m a powerful lioness hunting together with my pride. Other days I’m a cheetah running with spectacular bursts of speed. Sometimes I’m a spoiled, domestic cat sleeping in the lap of a friend, by a warm fire.

I learned tonight that the lynx is found in boreal forests that have cold, snowy winters. But what caught my attention about this beautiful predator, is its sense of solitude. The lynx likes to hunt and travel alone. Alone. Sometimes it’s nice to be that way.

As the icy snow adds deeper dimension to the undulating ground cover and the winter chill ignores the thermal windowpanes there is an odd sense that time has stopped. Tonight, I imagine myself a lynx and the idea of being alone is a nice one. Alone. Sometimes it’s nice to be that way.
lynx eyesThank you. May you dream a soft, sleepy winter night and traveling quietly, your paws softly pattering in clouds of snow.
Lynx created in 2007


21 thoughts on “Tonight, I Am a Lynx

  1. Solitude is lovely, isn’t it? I didn’t know that about the Lynx. I’ve had a look at a few of your articles and they are very good. Thanks for the “like” on my post.


  2. As I’ve already said, this “cat” (lynx) is wunderbar! Those eyes, perfect! And the prose — pure poetry. Solitude and being alone are perfect winter metaphors; as nature goes underground, so too do we, burrowing away in our private houses. Ah, ” … paws softly pattering in clouds of snow” — such lovely word-painting.


    • Hi Deb.
      I wasn’t going to post last night. I had nothing in my brain worth letting out my fingers. I sat at my desk in my studio alone and looked out the window at the snow. I thought it’s so silent out there. I thought about the animals surviving in the cold. I went to my pile of prisma animals and found the lynx. I did a little research and discovered how beautiful cat enjoys its alone time. Wow, that’s serendipity…
      Happy Monday, Miss!
      It’s snowing here still and the kiddies are home today.
      AM 🙂


      • “Nothing in my brain worth letting out my fingers”: there you go, another line of poetry. And BTW, another synchronicity: The story I drafted yesterday had a cougar that plays into the plot. Wooowoooo! Enjoy another “snow day,” you lucky you!

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    • Ah, the $5 question 🙂
      My astrological sign is a bull and though I don’t normally subscribe to the whole sign theory – I was born a bull and I work like one. I have finished entire rooms in 1-2 days – all 4 walls (not really good if one charges by the hour). So, way back when I did murals, I set a project price – not an hourly rate. But even so, these wall murals were never worth the amount of sweat (literally) they caused. I didn’t enjoy working in people’s homes. I was always nervous about tripping and spilling paint on someone’s ‘schmancy’ carpet…(which I did twice)!
      AM 🙂

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    • lol
      I just noticed, your comment was on the Lynx not the mural post – I can do one of these drawings in a few hours. Most of the wildlife pics rendered in Prisma are on 9″x12″ construction paper. Colored-pencil is a much more labor intensive medium – you achieve depth by layers and layers of color. That’s why I’ve switched to primarily paint markers for my latest monsters with some Prisma on top for detail – Prisma is killer on the wrist after a while…
      AM 🙂

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      • Amazing!!!! And mural info was more than welcomed 😉 I know by my meager attempts with acrylic, that my best pieces come from changes of direction leaving layers and layers but giving the most amazing results…so that is why I screw up…I do it on purpose for the end result lol!!!!

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  3. Lioness, cheetah, lynx… hmm. I think I see a pattern there, Catwoman… : )

    That’s quite a portrait. I remember my eyes got that way once: I ate the watermelon rind and threw away the red part by mistake… : )

    “May you dream a soft, sleepy winter night and traveling quietly, your paws softly pattering in clouds of snow.” I ask you: where else can one get great art and such evocative, shimmering verse?? You do it all, AnnMarie. Yes, I’m purring with contentment… : )


    • Hi Mark,
      Wow 🙂 My tail is bouncing with joy – thank you for your generous review – I have to run now, my cat phone is ringing – it’s probably Commissioner Gordon 😉
      AnnMarie 🙂
      You probably should only eat watermelon with the lights on 😉
      Thanks, again!

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