My Spirit

My Friends,
In 2002 the animated film, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron was released. I fell in love with a cartoon horse the day I experienced this beautiful movie. Oh, the kiddies saw it with me. 😉

“…Then from on high –  somewhere in the distance
There’s a voice that calls – remember who you are
If you loose yourself –  your courage soon will follow
So be strong tonight – remember who you are…”

Sound the Bugle (Gavin Greenway, Trevor Horn), sung by Brian Adams
Spirit MuralCaroline and Max spiritThank you. May you dream of flying across a canyon chasm on the wings of a magnificent steed.

Spirit Mural painted in 2002 in the big son’s room. Big son and delicate daughter standing on bed  –  photo taken 2002 after mural’s completion.
Original Spirit created by DreamWorks


12 thoughts on “My Spirit

  1. AnnMarie, beautiful mural! What a great mom you were (and still are) to have painted it for your kids. I never saw this animated feature, so the horses are “new” to me even though the movie looks to have come out years ago. And can I just say that your kids were, and I know they still are, adorable! So sweet together! 🙂 I’d also say pretty darn good words about strength and courage, too. Learn them 1st graders well today (and hold on to your hat! … or wait a minute, Mary Poppins wore a hat, but you probably don’t). 🙂


    • Thanks, Deb.
      I also did a large mural in Caroline’s room of a carousel, since painted over when she swapped her room for the guest room.
      If you haven’t seen Spirit, you should. It’s about the settling of the West – mid 1800’s through the eyes of a wild horse. Matt Damon is Spirit’s voice (but the horse doesn’t speak – it makes the movie more elegant). The music is original and much of it written and sung by Brian Adams. The lyrics and style are really wonderful.
      I think, you being an animal lover would love Spirit!
      AM 🙂
      If I had Mary Poppins’ magical traveling bag – I’d bring it to first grade and jump in when the headache starts 😉
      Happy Wednesday to you.


  2. The look on your kids’ faces says it all…what a wonderful way to shower them with positivity! I remember when Spirit came out, but I didn’t see it. Georgia was just out of high school and I started teaching. I’ll look for, though. Happy Wednesday! -Fawn


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