Send Out a Clown

My Friends,
I’ve been ‘monstering’ day and night. I have only monster art right now and I don’t want to scare too many people all at once. So I was thinking: What’s less frightening than scaly hominids and gooey-mouthed creatures? Of course, the answer was as plain as the once-broken nose on my face!

My next thought was more of seeking out an appropriate image for this post with my less frightening theme in mind. It was then I remembered. Long ago, when I was at Prentice Hall there was a very exciting day. It was the day we received the Adobe Creative Suite. Well, I went to town and started playing around, learning enough to be dangerous.

I present to you my first and only glib stab at a political poster. Insert politician’s name of your choice. And, for those of you that graciously stop by my blogcabin – this is as political as I’ll ever get. Most days I try to keep anntogether a fun place to visit, where one can rest their feet and warmly chuckle.
send out clownThank you. May you dream of living free and having enough savings to enjoy your freedom.
Poster copy inspired by Stephen Sondheim’s lyrics, Send In the Clowns.


14 thoughts on “Send Out a Clown

  1. I stopped following politics at least three years ago, they are all clowns and liars. No more TV news or news of any kind if I can help it, too much negativity.


    • Hi John.
      It would be refreshing to have a Katherine Graham-esque politician. I’d even settle for a Miguel de Cervantes type – today it’s as if most of our leaders fashion their political ideologies on reality television.
      It is disheartening, but there is a Mr. Smith out there somewhere. (see even I wish for a cinematic character to run for office).
      AnnMarie 🙂

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  2. Or we could sing, “Vote out the clowns…” I don’t know that thinking about our politicians (can’t say “leaders”) is any less scary than your monsters. We truly need a sea change, but I don’t know how to begin. If we vote out the clowns, where do we find dedicated, non-beholden replacements? Happy Tuesday! – Fawn


    • That is the conundrum isn’t it. I think my monsters are a bit sweeter (except when they try eating humans – oh, wait… politicians do that too 😉 ) Kidding of course, some folks have honest intentions and work very hard for the greater good. They dedicate themselves to a political life which can’t be very easy…
      AM 🙂


  3. Although I would agree that some politicians are clowns they are definitely scary monsters that single handed do more harm to our world than any monster. Hitler, Kruschev Saddam Hussein and Obama come to mind.


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