I’d like to be a superhero…

I’d like to be a superhero
wear tall boots
a big letter on my chest
xray vision
I’d like to be a superhero
stronger than one thousand men
smarter than a microprocessor
I’d like to be a superhero
jet across earth in milliseconds
fly through storm clouds
I’d like to be a superhero
plough the ocean depths
converse with sentient beings
I’d like to be a superhero
and go unseen
down those white halls
and wrestle her sickness away



Thank you. May you dream of good health for all in your life…
Aqueus sketched several months ago, published in a previous post


10 thoughts on “I’d like to be a superhero…

  1. I was reminded yesterday on my scooter ride how unsuper I really am. I had to traverse a gravel road leading to a ferryboat dock. I hate being on moveable pavement on a motorcycle whether it be gravel, sand, pine needles or leaves. I want traction and the secure feeling I’m connected to mother earth. Getting old and feeble the last thing I want is to fall down. I was just outside screaming range if I had fallen.


    • I’m glad you’re a cautious rider. I’d hate anything to happen to that talented brain of yours! I’m assuming you wear a helmet and if so, I hope you’ve painted a cool picture on it – like a fire-breathing dragon 😉


      • I wear a Nolan full face helmet at all times. It’s an Italian brand and very highly rated for safety & comfort. I’m such a believer I own two identical model helmets from Nolan.


      • LOL I learned to ride and bought my first motorcycle in my birth home of Belleville, Illinois where there is no helmet law. I still respect my brain so I used it to buy my first helmet. That was 35 years and 500,000 miles ago.

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  2. There is more than a little superhero in every mother…I love the looks of this guy — strong, but with gentle edges! And I hope the person the poem was for is getting better. 🙂 Fawn


    • Hi Fawn –
      This guy popped in my head a few months ago…
      My Aunt Nina – a smiling, beautiful lady at 81 – looks 60 and acted every bit of 40 up until about 2 weeks ago. Her body is riddled with cancer – the diagnosis was a shock – her time is suddenly limited. At 81, one can say she’s had a good, long, happy life – and she has – but I guess it’s never long enough especially when one acts and appears much younger. I’ve been spoiled in my life thus far, people leave earth at ripe old ages – still it’s hard. We’re a pretty tight family and her husband who’s six years younger is going to have difficult times ahead. They’ve been together a long, long time…
      Thank you.


  3. Me, too.

    Isn’t it strange that as we move into warmer weather, with more sunshine, the days can seem dark and cold? The winter has evidently been hard on many. I hope your Aunt Nina is comfortable, and in her own home by now. I do wish someone could come along and wrestle sickness away — a superhero. Very nice sketch (another woowoo, the title is almost the same as the title of a song I was listening to yesterday!). Sending you best wishes and a hug. 🙂


    • Hi Deb,
      Unfortunately, Nina is nearing her time… She’s just been diagnosed with full blown cancer everywhere – and that’s not why she went to the hospital. You think because she’s 81, you’d be more prepared – but no – we’re not. Nina always looks 20 years younger than her age and her smile was that of a young woman’s. Sad all around – but alas – this is life in all its permutations…
      I’m again sorry for you today too with Millie.
      I hope both these ladies can find comfort…


      • I’m very sorry about your Aunt Nina, AnnMarie. These things are never easy, never. Wherever it is we “go” after our time on this planet — well, I know a lot of good folks who are alreadythere, and I like to think they’re all much happier, without pain. Hoping the best, whatever that may be, for both ladies and their families.


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