A House’s Heartbeat

I promised myself when I started this blog, advertisers wouldn’t appear on it (except for that little sneaky ad WP sometimes places on your post’s bottom and you have to pay them to make it go away). I’ve stuck to my word and passed on several opportunities.

Recently, a lovely gal named Kellyn who’s involved with a realty company came across my mural post and asked me if I’d be interested in writing a post about my home. I don’t receive anything for this other than the challenge of taking halfway decent pictures and possibly being ‘twittered’ at some point. I don’t even tweet. My mom was a realtor back in the 1980’s and her hard-earned success helped put six kids through college.

Kellyn of Compass was so very gracious and took the time to answer my emails and concerns, I thought hey, a house post might be fun. So without further ado here’s looking inside my interior…

A House with a Heartbeat

Way back when I was shorter than a kitchen drawer – fun color, fuzzy slippers, comfy furniture and book-lined shelves held the magical ability to let me believe I was special. Flash forward to 2015, my belief in a home’s magical abilities hasn’t changed.

My current home was new when we moved in twelve years ago. When our colonial was rising from the dirt, there were things that bothered me like a visible outdoor meter and a small main entrance with Amazonian ceilings. With a little creative inspiration and a paintbrush, these disappointments soon became dust bunnies under the desk of life.

The Amazonian entrance was cut down at the knees with sweet orange and warm yellow. Our children’s rooms became personal art pads they filled. Eventually furniture that could hold real people moved in to occupy other rooms. Above all else, shelves of books and islands of treasure were added where empty just wouldn’t do. Our house began filling with personality while my family fashioned its warm heartbeat.

Brave visitors are welcomed with warm color!

hallAh, the kitchen – home to 30-plus guests during our annual Thanksgiving Palooza.

kitchenAnd what would a home be without sentiment – this horse is the lone survivor of a pair. It was my Nana’s. He stands sentry on the windowsill over the kitchen sink.
horse bookendOff the kitchen, is my favorite place in all the world – my studio.
studio I adore books and the giant husband built these industrial studio shelves. Art books are heavier than Michelangelo’s David.
studio bookshelvesMusic fills a home with song. Owning a baby grand, albeit an old one, was always a dream of mine. The ‘music’ room adjoins my studio – I can sing or draw. My family prefers that I draw.
pianoThe giant husband and I enjoy flea marketing. We bought this chandelier long ago at an old-fashioned market where you could buy worn baseball cards, old shoes, chipped dolls and assorted light fixtures…
dr lightThe family room mantle has had more facelifts than Joan Collins. I slammed this last iteration with a loaded sponge – ecru and gold paint over turquoise for a faux ‘marblish’ look.
mantle When the kiddies were small, I painted special little touches in their rooms. My son liked camouflage.
camo closetThere are the murals I’ve painted in my children’s rooms. This one was done when they were very young. My son, now 14, won’t let me paint over it. He’s mushy like his dad.
(Horse characters from DreamWorks 2002 animated film–Spirit; Stallion of the Cimarron)
Spirit MuralThe giant husband built a frame from molding and I burnished it gold for my daughter’s dressing table.
caroline's roomI always wanted a fireplace in the master bedroom. The giant husband surprised me with this one. We gave it a book mantle topper. The fake fire crackles!
fireplaceAll rooms, even the bathroom, must be a happy place to sit!
turquoiseIt’s the special little things lurking around bright corners that make a house fun.
ornamentOr tigers ready to pounce from on high –
tiger topStair squatting is the only way Mojo can see who’s approaching.
mojoOur German Shepherd, Rocky likes waiting by a door.
rocky tip headAnd finally, before one enters a home they must feel welcome. I can’t think of a bigger hello than a bright Adirondack chair.
yellow chairHope you enjoyed the tour…
waitingThank you.
May you dream of living in a comfortable space…


18 thoughts on “A House’s Heartbeat

  1. SOLD! Oh … it isn’t for sale? Darn!
    Seriously AM, you have a beautiful home, and while it is colorful and lovely, it also looks warm and welcoming (you know, not all beautiful homes are inviting — yours definitely is!). I love looking at people’s homes and always feel like I can get to know them better through their living spaces. I can tell, looking at your place, that we’d get along great! My gosh those books — totally, totally awesome! To me, books are the best accessory/decoration there is. 🙂 And your horses, and baby grand (who plays the guitar?), and of course adorable Mojo and Rocky (sold separately, right? just kidding!). Love the bedroom fireplace and the kitchen as well (however, since I’m no cook, I spend very little time in the kitchen — for me it’s more “for show”). 🙂 Your home is everything I imagined it would be — a loving reflection of its owner and her family. Beautiful post!


    • Hi Deb,
      I was torn between doing this post. Then I thought the better of it and I’m glad I did – I little levity once in a while is cathartic – I feel my posts have been a bit on the sad side of the line lately. This was fun, and fun was a kick to do.
      Thanks for taking the whirlwind tour!
      As you can see, I like lots of color – the more the merrier!
      Keith repainted the kitchen this winter – prior to that going across all the cabinet tops was a parade of leather animals – I decided to put them away – once in awhile you just gotta grow up 😉
      AM 🙂


      • I’m glad you did the post. With your flair and word-smithing, you could be a blog writer for a realtor or real estate company (and get paid) while you make art and write for yourself. And color is good! Color is warmth and comfort and expressive joy. And who says you have to grow up?! I’m a collector of stuffed animals from way back, LOL.


      • I forgot to add in the post, my mom was a realtor for many years, back in the 80’s – selling homes helped pay for 6 kiddies college educations!
        Growing up can be overrated 😉 Maybe that can be the “something new” – let’s agree to stop growing up!
        Happy Weekend, my friend!
        AM 🙂
        AH, stuffed animals – hmmm…


      • I knew that about your mom being a realtor — very cool. You’re going to be a realtor? Hmm? “You speak to me in riddles / And you speak to me in rhymes …” (Sarah McLachlan) … LOLOLOLOL (Expect email re: intro later)


      • I just went back and added mom to my post. And I could never be a realtor – one must have math aptitude and a good sense of direction. I wasn’t in the lineup when those proficiencies were being handed out 😉
        Nice Sarah tie – you are firing on all pistons today!
        Better be writing ’cause sparks are flyin’ out your fingertips…
        AM 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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