Teacher First

I spoke to her today
Her face a wrinkled veil protecting the child beneath
I heard her today
Her words dancing in the room with blazing jazz shoes
I saw her today
Her spring-loaded instincts fidgeting with blanket resolve
I noticed her today
Her fervent green pen pushing aside yellow chalk dust
I admired her today
Her devoted dream as crisp as a new binding

Wurd Warrior/acrylic

Wurd Warrior/acrylic

May you dream of the world’s children having access to education.
As a substitute teacher, I have the honor and privilege to observe bonafide teachers work with children of all abilities. Many of these dedicated professionals are nothing short of miracle workers. This post is dedicated to caring teachers everywhere.

Wurd Warrior, acrylic on board, created back in the 1990’s for an illustration course I took at New York School of Visual Arts. 


10 thoughts on “Teacher First

  1. Lovely, AM. I think you’ve hit your stride, found your voice with this poetic medium. And love the art — that little girl’s rapt attention, her mouth open in awe, is such a perfect image for education and learning. So very, very nice. There really are caring teachers — and subsitute teachers — out there, all trying to do more than their best. It’s great how you’ve honored them here.


    • Thank you, Deb. I wish I could believe as you do. I don’t quite know why I’m continuing to write posts like this – I guess I’ll stop when the words do.
      I have a few illustrations left from the class I took. Sometimes I didn’t make it to the class because my big old Thunderbird would die on the Hudson…
      Happy Thursday!


  2. And there are SO many more good teachers out there than the bad ones splashed all over the airwaves…but the good ones aren’t newsworthy. Thank you for your lovely post (and thank you for continuing to serve as a substitute teacher). Teachers — especially subs — don’t get enough respect! – Fawn


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