Siren Songs and Spiced Lattes

caroline in oceanthe search for promises hooked on the bait of allure
wayward craft sluice through the flesh of midnight waters
spiraling granite beacons battle webs of mist
call the siren home
shimmering wooden planks skim frothing foam
tumbling waves mash what once was settled

they speak over spiced lattes
brewed with heady steam
and spinning mugs of gathering tea leaves
sea salt scones infused with elderberry compote
shimmering words skim linen napkins
and they begin to believe once more

May you dream of beautiful sirens calling you home.
During his first journey to the Americas, Columbus spied several “mermaids” off the prow of his ship.

Photo of delicate daughter at Lake Champlain, VT in 2006
West Indian Manatee (endangered species) created 2 weeks ago using marker and pencil and ocean water 🙂
This post is dedicated to D. Levy an inspiring, talented writer and friend. Read Deb’s short story, “At the Beach,” published in Cleaver magazine.



14 thoughts on “Siren Songs and Spiced Lattes

  1. Ah, AM, you did it — wrote alluringly about sirens, your “shimmering words” skimming across a still and shining surface. Yet we both know still waters run deep, and so too talent and belief in one’s self when we step out of the way and just let it happen. I think some siren is calling this free-verse poem to its pages, I really do. And the West Indian Manatee is so expressive — and those eyes! I’m telling you, it’s those eyes that make the plight of your endangered wildlife and monsters so charismatic and captivating. And of course adorable Caroline — she looks like a little mermaid — and she’s in Lake Champlain, home of Champ! (Thank you for dedication, too.) 🙂 Home run, my friend.


    • Morning Deb,
      The creating goes on and the stuff comes out – sometimes it rolls, sometimes it splats, sometimes it just looks up at you and says “what the heck”
      You know the writing beast well and have taught me it’s best left untamed!
      The greatest gift about blogging is the treasures our ships (or maybe our dinghies) discover along the journey – you are one, my friend 🙂
      Write on!
      AM 🙂


      • Yes, Miss, don’t tame the writing beast — wild mind is best. And I couldn’t agree more about our dinghies and the blogging gift, AM — nor could I have said it any better or more beautifully. 🙂


      • Oh no my MacBook had to go to the hospital – Matt took it and has to run tests – geez – I’m an absolute tech banana. You’re the last stop I’m making – texting with one finger here and it’s getting old fast – unless I can steal one of the kiddies’ iPads 🙂 have a fab eve


      • AM, it’s probably all that smokin’-hot free verse poetry you’e writing — your MacBook is so blown away, it’s literally “blown away.” 🙂 Enjoy your evening, Miss! And btw: you Rick-rolled me with that A.B.’s song! What a great song! Thanks for introducing me to it.

        Liked by 2 people

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