Fortune Hand over Fist

Little men in top hats doling out pink money
belts out pretty lady with giant check
mate found with no strings
attached garage and two bath
room for much growth
sector of population healthy
start to end
results in good weather
or knots of strained gold from cowboy kettle
bells ring for sailors lost at sea returned
lost dogs to desperate owners
home open to desperate soul
mate found for lonely single
income enables family shelter
the homeless during the cold
cash won in lottery
ticketed for reduced sailing
ship has come in
the most difficult hours
is yours
yours is
mine of diamonds are
girls best friends in life
peace on earthly
possessions of love
ever after
noon tea
leaves the world
game of chance won
time for a fortune
teller told to me bank future
stock up on soup
up cars for the ride
of a lifetime

SImon Says Peace

SImon Says Peace

May you dream of good fortune always.
As you can plainly read, one sometimes goes crazy when their laptop frizzles and they must use an unfamiliar computer

Simon Says Peace: rendered months ago with Prisma pencil


12 thoughts on “Fortune Hand over Fist

  1. An unfamiliar computer suits you well, Miss. This POEM is terrific! I love it when the enjambment (is that what it’s called? I wish I knew more about poery) allows you to read lines two different ways, like this. And it seems like the fulcrum is “is yours / yours is” — the balanced point. Man, AM, you is on a fine roll, that’s for sure! I don’t think it matters what kind of computer you’re workin’ on, Missy. And it’s our “good fortune” that you posted today (I wondered whether you would). I’m lookin’ out the window at a street full of SNOW! Like Hemingway said, you thought you’d lost out on spring — well, heck yeah! We’ve got 2-3 inches on the ground, darn it! Hey, you know what’s woowoo? I already had an Avett Brothers song on my playlist? I know, woowoo! LOL


    • As I type this, I’m in earnest want of my little MacBook returning home this am to this AM 😉 I’m sitting in the fam room at the fam PC – feeling like a little baby who wants her favorite toy back. I must sound like a spoiled child –
      When I started this post piece it kind of did the work for me, I was just along for the ride –
      But thank you, my friend.
      I can’t believe you have that much snow still on the ground. Other than pockets of the deep stuff where the sun can’t reach – most of our winter road white is gone.
      I listened to the entire Avett album yesterday – darn good – but I must say that Skin & Bones tune is my favorite – that one I played about 8x’s in a row 🙂
      AM 🙂


      • Oh, believe me, I understand. I know I could find my way around on a PC again, but it would be most uncomfortable. We just “received” this snow yesterday! We’d had nothing on the ground before that! Uggh! And I laugh, because it sounds like you listen to music like I do; once I find a song I like, I play it over and over. That’s what I’ve been doing with McLachlan lately. Hey, re: poetry: you go “along for the ride” pretty spectacularly, if you ask me. Today I’m working on landing another story (seriously, there was a plane crash in France today; so sad; the song I listen to over and over is Shawn Colvin’s “Another Plane Went Down” — it’s poetry).


      • yup, over and over is best 🙂
        I was talking to Max about planes going down the other day. A Jim Croce song was on the radio and I’d told Max how Jim died in a plane crash – I wonder about all the fabulous songs that were inside this artist – the ones we never got to hear…
        I hadn’t heard about this latest crash – how sad and tragic. I’m working sans media noise – did read am paper though.

        ps computer doc called and my little Mac still sick. Won’t be coming home today. I really screwed it up.


      • Wow, I guess you won’t be opening a computer repair store any time soon … LOL. (I’m sorry, but I’m cracking up, tears rolling as I type this.) 🙂


      • The tea leaves tell me a Mac is in your immediate future. Don’t mess with the tea leaves! Humor me and send this poem somewhere …. (I can suggest)


  2. Does half-commital mean our AM should be half-committed? I hope not! I am in love with this poem, even though I was exhausted by the time I finished it. You are a woman of many talents, and I’m so glad you share them with the world. I’m wishing both of you warm breezes and no more snow! – Fawn


    • I met be well on the way to half-commital 😉 This post was fun to do – the scary thing was I could have kept going – I thought – I better stop it now or I’ll lose friends 😉
      Thank you for your very kind words, Fawn.
      AM 🙂


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