Tarzan No More…

Where is my inner-tomboy when I need her most
Why didn’t she make the call
No, she made me do it
I was a hedgehog rolling up in a ball to protect myself
I squeezed my eyes like a poor-sighted wombat
tears streaming down my face
My inner-tomboy is a wolverine
she takes down prey ten-times her size
She is a bottle-nosed dolphin
playful but oh, so very smart
I wish she would’ve been there for me
My Tarzan-holler would’ve wrested her
back from the jungle
but maybe I’ve become Jane
I did wear a sequinned shirt on New Year’s

Is Jane so bad?
Perhaps at 51, I’ve become girlie
So, I guess I’ll have to make the tough calls
Apparently, I’m Jane now
those pink sparkly Sketchers will hug home plate
’cause come hell or high water
I’ll swing that baseball bat ’til the day I die

wombatMay you dream of your inner-jungle human…

Wombat (endangered) created last week 
I remain Mac-less, on a PC and fumbling with image feature – this is blurry – my apologies.


28 thoughts on “Tarzan No More…

      • Hope so too! Love my Mac Air. Updated the wife’s Surface Pro with that horrid W8.1, 1.2 gig of updates that took over an hour to install and download. Download speed isn’t the issue here, we have 100mb service. W8 is… You know.


      • That was just a whole lot of tech that went whoosh passed my techless mind
        🙂 – how wonderful you know what lurks beneath the keyboard even in PC lingo. If I had – even a tad of sense, wouldn’t have messed up my little Mac in the first place 🙂
        Happy Wednesday to you, John 🙂


  1. Was it a giant fuzzy spider that took you down, or something more sinister? Why not use your baseball bat? Sending protective spirits your way today, AnnMarie – Fawn


    • It was actually a sad phone call I had to make, but I tried to lighten the spirit of this eve’s post – after I hung up the phone I got to thinking how I used to be so much tougher. I think kid-rearing has turned me into a bonafide mush 😉
      Thank you for being so thoughtful 🙂
      AM 🙂


  2. Oh, AnnMarie/Jane, I’m sorry for whatever sad call you had to make today. But do know that you’re always strongest at just the point when you feel weakest. You’re always tougher than you know, and you’re that way because you have to be. Jane is good and Jane is vulnerable — but it’s her vulnerability that also makes her fearless. And also btw: beautiful wombat (Bob saw it over my shoulder and said, “Cool! What’s that?” Very high praise from a touch critic; he loved it!)


      • I was a PC user since 1968 when the first IBM PC came out. It had two floppy drives and an RGB monitor, no hard drive. It cost me $4800. I stayed with them until 2010 when I bought my first and only iMac for $1250 that is still running like new on Yosemite OS. I will never go back because I hate Windows, hate, hate hate! So there, I said it………. or did I? LOL


      • So Bob, how do you really feel about WIndows 😉
        Happy Wednesday
        Yippy I’m typing this on my Mac – who just returned after 2 days at the clinic and a much needed rest. 🙂 I’m using Firefox browser – it’s a little different, but I’ll get used to it 🙂


  3. Very nice. I would not worry about the blurriness of the wombat for 2 reasons. 1) It is a great drawing and 2) If it is becoming extinct then blurry may be a better image. We need to do more for the species in trouble.


    • Thank you. I agree about endangered animals. I’m currently working on a project that’s been in my brain a few years. I hope to teach younger children about the plight of endangered animals through a little ‘scary’ fun ‘book’ – technically, it’s not a book just yet, I’m hoping someone will want to publish it. If not, I’ll take the self-pub route. We’ll see.
      Anyway, I do thank you for you kind words.
      I keep wanting to address you as ‘Olden,’ but I’m assuming that is not your name. 🙂

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