Sails of Feather

a boat floating on sunshine
its sails fashioned from feather
the shape was light blue, like the urgent eyes of a young Husky
beneath the hull
the sun’s rays rippled like ocean water
casting a scarlet sheen
the sea rose and fell like soft ice cream spilling into a Dixie cup
and there I sat
my legs crossed, humming along when a salty old albatross named Virgil alighted
Virgil was unwilling to hum as he was in a bad bird mood
he told me my vessel was destined to sink
unless I gifted my ship’s feathered sails to him
it was the only way to save us both
I didn’t want sinking to be my last memory
using golden hemp rope clipped at the bow
I tied the plumed sails to Virgil’s grey stooped shoulders
the old albatross twisted his head to preen his new sailing wings
Virgil nodded his craggy head in approval
I climbed aboard his great avian back, my legs crossing like a Gyptian Princess.
The air sung between my painted toes
Virgil’s old voice rang out like it might have when his feathers were white
I woke
and remembered
the albatross is in peril
Virgil does need help
woodcraneMay you dream for all bird species continued survival

The above image is that of an American Woodstork and like the albatross they are also endangered, recently the woodstork’s survival has been downgraded to threatened in some areas. He was drawn a few weeks ago with marker and paint

19 of 22 albatross species have been threatened with extinction. Albatross populations initially declined due to harvesting for feathers.Today, albatrosses are threatened by introduced species as well.


14 thoughts on “Sails of Feather

    • I’m currently working on an endangered species project close to my heart that I’m hoping to get published one way or another. I have a bit more research to do. It is all quite enlightening and all quite sad. But on the upside, there are people out in the world making real strides toward helping the endangered species community become less endangered.
      Thanks for visiting. I appreciate your interest. 🙂
      AnnMarie 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Splendid, Miss. You’ve got the mojo workin’ with this one (as with all the others, actually) — I really like the narrative aspect of this. And can I say that I feel as though you’re working through some E copy here, or at least laying down some possible lines? Whichever, it’s all good. 🙂 As is the American Woodstork, which I have never heard of, but which is a beautiful bird. Have a great day, AM.


    • Morning, Miss.
      I can’t believe all the animals, I’d never heard of – so many amazing critters out there.
      The Obama Admin just downgraded the woodstork. There’s much that goes into upgrading or downgrading these labels – much of it political…
      E copy won’t be like this though, it wil be much more straightforward.
      You have a terrific Thursday as well.


  2. More horrific news. We are a heartless bunch, no doubt about it. I love your drawing and I love the part where he was in a , ” bad bird mood.” 🙂 What can we do to help the birds? Is there a group working for their protection?


    • There are many groups and many individuals working to protect singular species as well as collective habitats – so many of earth’s animals are endangered because of habitat destruction, degradation, warming, poaching…it goes on. There are a variety of places and projects online to choose from – from local to state to national to worldwide.
      You only need to simply type in endangered species and choose. The IUCN Redlist is a good place to start.
      AnnMarie 🙂


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