Frustration and a Talking Tale

Another selection from my teenage journal.


Frustration looked down the path with eyes of anxious fire. She, like the muskrat, embedded herself into the ground. A grin of one-hundred teeth repulsively staring. Her scent left no space untouched. Always, Frustration an unworthy creature, attacking from the back. Shadows cast beneath the fold. Frustration, like the starving animal, unsatisfied and hungry for the lagging one.

Blue Tale

Blue Tale

May you dream of happy memories…

Free verse written 1977, Blue Lion created in 2014 published with another post a few months back (I still like this guy, he makes me smile. I hope he makes you smile too.)


8 thoughts on “Frustration and a Talking Tale

  1. You know, AM, you’re very brave to share juvenilia, but then, yours is so good, why not? The metaphorical Frustration, as “an unworthy creature,” is spot-on perfecto. And yes, yes — “attacking from the back,” that is absolutely right, and “starving” and “unsatisfied” and “hungry for the lagging one” — geez, that’s so beautiful and so true. I will never think of “frustration” in the same way ever again. And I love “Blue Tail,” and I wish I had a tail just like that. Btw: There are a couple of documentaries that either feature or mention people reading from their diaries and journals, from back when they were young adults. The only thing is, theirs is funny because their entries are so preciously angst-ridden, whereas yours is just so damn good and sophisticated it wouldn’t be funny (unless you read it that way).


    • Morning Deb, I don’t know if I’m being brave or lazy πŸ˜‰ I’ve been putting in so many hours on E that there’s precious little time remaining. Out of my entire teen-load, most of the writing is what you’d expect – LAME – there are only a few things that can possibly slip under the drama doldrum radar – and when I run out of those, I may just continue running πŸ˜‰
      Thank you for your kindness. These things are easier to share when one only needs to push ‘Publish,’ rather than read to a room full of people – now that’s raw COURAGE πŸ™‚
      AnnMarie πŸ™‚


      • Good morning, AM — hey, you can “publish” anything you want to publish — it’s all good. I was going through some things last week and came across some early writing of mine — eek! I had no sense of depth like you did/do. Hope your Wednesday is off and kicking. Ours has been an “interesting” a.m. already, and not in a good way. But it’s sunny here, yippy. πŸ™‚


  2. You know, I have to keep reminding myself that the illustration here are YOUR handiwork. me, I might make some dopey edit in a fe iPhone apps–occasionally I’ll use Adobe After Effects to make a flyer or a short clip. But the organic–“out of hand” thing is amazing.


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