June 21

Alas, another diddy from my Poe-fluenced teen journal…

June 21

Time come back
You leave and forget me
Embarking shadows
on steel shafted ships
Good times go by so fast
Pitiful moments last forever
Why must you
avenge me so
When I cry, you crawl
When I laugh, you prance
As you move
I learn
too much, too soon
When you leave
I’ll be dead
and you’ll go on
ticking, ticking, ticking

Dancing Flames

Dancing Flames

May you dream of warm spring flames to melt the last snows of winter.

Poem written 1977, Dancing Flames – water color marker previous published 2014

5 thoughts on “June 21

  1. Ah, AM, we could have started a poetry-loving, sad-leaning and loss-inspired club “back in the day.” 🙂 You would have been president, because your poetry was so much better than mine, and I would have been treasurer, just because (we’d have dues, although if we couldnt “pay” with cash a heavy heart would suffice, LOL). Love the poem, and the art, and your dipping into your teen journal and sharing. 🙂


    • Isn’t it wonderful we learned how to walk on our hands so we look like we’re smiling now and appear less-wrinkly too 😉 Let’s say co-presidents, but you’d have still needed to handle the $ ’cause my brain doesn’t do tabulations 😉
      Thank you, my fellow – Poe-fluenced friend


      • Well, okay, co-presidents then. But I’m math-challenged (and direction-challenged) so don’t be surprised if our Poe-club comes up a little short on cash now and then and that I’m sometimes late to meetings ’cause I’m lost. 🙂

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