Today’s Meaning Today

The meaning of today
vaulted ceilings
men in robes
choirs singing

The meaning of today
not enough roofs
men in silk
masses crying

The meaning of today
shelter in hope
clothe the naked
feed the hungry

Give meaning

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher

May you dream that all people can dream…
Happy Easter to those of you celebrating
Happy Sunday to all

Dream Catcher created a few months ago, previously published.



7 thoughts on “Today’s Meaning Today

  1. Happy Easter to you, AnnMarie. Your poem says everything that needs to be said about “meaning.” Very nice. Hope you had an enjoyable weekend with family. Did you visit those “vaulted ceilings”? The only ceiling I visited was the sky overhead with a big, full moon and specks of white stuff floating down in the moonlight. Home now, though — 64 degrees (came from 40 degrees). Have a great evening, 🙂


    • Happy Easter to you too, Deb. Just returned a few hours ago. Had a wonderful family outing. I stopped going to church long ago – I think I was 16 – with the exception of weddings and funerals – the last time I was in a church. I do think about faith and purpose as do so many of us. 🙂 Your ceiling sounds heavenly 🙂 a look at that kind of ceiling would easily restore one’s faith.
      Hope you had a nice weekend as well.
      And now Chinese food – we’re candied out 🙂
      AM 🙂
      our weather went the other way – we left South Jersey’s sunny and 60 for NY’s windy, rainy and 40, oh well 🙂
      Hope Charlie is doing well.


      • AM, we got home about 1:30, smooth sailing all the way. Chuck’s doing fine now, but I think he’s due for a vet check. I’m recharged (as always) and ready to focus on task at hand — finishing fiction. Chinese food sounds wonderful — enjoy! And hold on … our nice weather is sweeping your way! (Actually, when we left Ludington this a.m. there was Winter Storm Warning, but I don’t think it materialized.)

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  2. I really felt this poem, deeply. All stanzas so true and reaching for change. Paraphrasing my friend Anne (another friend Anne 🙂 A Joyous Easter to all of my Christian family and friends, and a wondrous Passover to my Jewish friends and family. Peaceful salvation and freedom from tyranny together side by side. And we all rejoice! ❤


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