Glow Little Glow Worm

Here’s  a little something sure to lighten your heart. I love 1940’s-50’s music and I adore the Mills Brothers. My dad would often play his Mills Brothers records when I was a kid. Their clear harmonious voices made him smile, they made me smile too. I hope you enjoy Glow Worm as much as I do. Below the boys’ video, you’ll find another friendly glow worm (well, okay – he’s really a snake – sshhh – please don’t tell him) 🙂



May your dreams be bathed in warm moon glow and happy glowworms 🙂

SSS done with Prisma a few months back – previously posted


13 thoughts on “Glow Little Glow Worm

  1. Now you’re cookin’ with these YouTube videos, AM! Good for you, 🙂 You know, the Mills Brothers are great, and I suspect this song will be tumbling around in my head for a few days hereafter. And notice the year of this performance — a wonderful year for babies, I must say. 🙂 Now, if I saw the type of glow worm — I mean “snake” — like the sweet one above, I’d never have cause to be afraid in the woods ever again! LOL Nice post, Miss.


      • Well, your video works and is superb! I’ve been listening to Pandora all a.m., flipping back and forth between classical and 40’s and everything else in between. It’s a rainy, yucky day here — perfect for writing! Hope your day is off to a great start, 🙂


      • Got my Sinatra on this am, oops pm. That dude Frank wore a hat really well – a difficult thing to pull off. I’m listening to him croon, Time After Time. I especially love this tune – it’s played in Julie & Julia near the end when Julia receives her newly published cookbook in the mail and wouldn’t you know it arrives in a big fugly manilla envelope! Maybe I do like the color manilla 😉
        Grey here too, booooo.
        Eing away –
        Sounds like your penning masterpieces today!


      • Artie Shaw & His Orchestra here (and before that, Duke Ellington) — Pandora. I’ll have to look up “Time After Time.” I’m sure I know it (right now, the Cyndi Lauper tune is what I’m coming up with, :)). You do love fugly manilla — maybe you could turn it into the “cool, hip color” this year, 🙂 Not sure about those masterpieces, but I am pushing words around and then deleting and adding some to them … does that count?


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