The Reversal

This is a special post for my friend, Fawn of Trigger’s Horse. One of my recent posts, showed a detail from this painting. Fawn had asked if she could see the painting in its entirety. Because Fawn is such a lovely and special lady, her wish has been granted. I created this piece when I was in my 20’s. The concept behind it is simple – what if – what if American history was different? What if roles had been reversed? I loathe not only slavery, but the very concept at its brutal core.
So here it is Fawn – in its entirety. “The Reversal”
warDream well, my friend…


5 thoughts on “The Reversal

  1. Very lovely, AM. Interesting how revealing the rest of the painting changes the viewing of the piece entirely. Now it reminds me even more so of Kollwitz; as art, it affects the eye/gaze, yet it also makes a statement about society — the best kind … one that makes you think.


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