sidewalk cracks and forgiveness

how i wish time would erase whatever it has done to you
the injured left behind are no longer bleeding
still anguish binds your words
it lingers between the lines
like oozing tar in sidewalk cracks
you’re searching for redemption
but it’s not in you to forget
nor is it within you to fail
each holds the other back
forgiveness can’t anchor in liquid
so swallow your damn drink
then smash the tumbler
let the stuff in the cracks fester and dry up
even broken
your words are beyond
what artists deign to create
please believe
one who only dares dream
what you inspire
so please stop running
leap over the cracks
the only transgression here
is believing you have fallen
beneath hell…



May you dream of nothing so that you may wake refreshed…
Pilate – acrylic painted back in a small kitchen with pink and grey tile in1998.


12 thoughts on “sidewalk cracks and forgiveness

    • This is another older piece. I would like to return to real painting – the kind that liberates and makes one go in a multitude of directions. I’m working on a book project right now, because another dream of mine is to become published – so first one than the other. 🙂


  1. AM, I once knew someone who was so worried about stepping on cracks (you know what ‘they say’ about that), but then that person looked up and saw what all had been missed and mostly went forward, only looking down once in a while. It was hard, but worth the effort. Of course, I’m reading a personal interpretation here, as we’re wont to do, but your poem reminded me of that, and that’s what I’ve always thought beautiful, poetic words should do — remind us of ourselves. 🙂


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