what can i give her

what can i give her
that i couldn’t muster
will she crave love
for a shield to take into battle
against herself
will she cry in her heart
but shed no tears
will she detox in a black journal
and hide it under the mattress
when someone moves in close
will she laugh
and not understand why
will she know how beautiful she is
how cherished
when her soul is shattering
like the bathroom mirror
woman with brushPastel done when I was still young enough to play with colored chalk


6 thoughts on “what can i give her

    • I sometimes fantasize about my children and the adult epiphanies they will have – and I pray they go something like this, “…should have listened to mom, she was so close to being right most of the time…what were we thinkin’ back then…”
      …teach your child well… Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young should do all the child rearing 😉

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  1. Beautiful, AM, truly.

    Though I’m not a parent — so as for “parental” advice I have no ground upon which to stand, no credibility whatsoever — I was a child, once, and I can say without a doubt that if my mother had penned a poem like this, and shared it with me, I’d have thought she was pretty darn cool. And I also would have been so moved by it, I might better have understood what she had previously tried to tell me. Just a thought.



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