She waits like a little girl
in her woman’s body
Her skittish fingers keep checking
there’s nothing more
not now
not yet
maybe tomorrow
yes, maybe tomorrow
she tells herself
twirling her long hair into
invisible pigtails
the way he used to
when he said he loved her
when he stripped her bare
of self-doubt
she checks one more time
only eleven
deep in her chest she knows
he’ll miss midnight too
maybe someday
on another midnight
she’ll reach
and he’ll be there
when he chooses
to forget the inner boy
and behave like the man
the woman and girl
need him to be

Homage Picasso/charcoal

Homage Picasso/charcoal

Charcoal/Pastel done back, back, back, way back…


7 thoughts on “inner

  1. Man, you’re hitting them out of the ballpark, lady. Whatever is working as your muse, thank it because this is terrific stuff. Frisson — those closing lines bring …


      • Never write late at night — I learned that lesson a long time ago. I can never get to sleep, or I take the composing process to my pillow with me. Plus, whoever sleeps well (really well) when you know you have to get up and go to work? I’m telling you, having a job is over-rated, ๐Ÿ™‚ EMC later

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  2. Forgot to add: I LOVE the artwork. Excellent homage. (You know, here lately I keep forgetting things I meant to say — and also after I hit “send” I go back and reread and see all these typos I’m making; sorry!) But the artwork is exquisite, and I shan’t forget to say that!


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