cloud dancing

april 21
three am
her spirit smashes the institutional window
the glass doesn’t shatter
what is left behind
the peace in knowing
her suffering is the only thing that has died
let it stay dead
on she goes
dancing with her petite feet
pain no more
glenn miller is in the mood
upper teeth biting her lower lip as she spins
she’ll use those teeth when she laughs
she laughs backwards, sucking in lots of air
the clouds are sailing across the sky today
nina must be on a roll



Keep those clouds moving, beautiful nina…xoxo

nina2012 (left to right) big son, aunt dee, giant husband, aunt nina, uncle bucky, sis dolores, delicate daughter



4 thoughts on “cloud dancing

  1. Of course I have to play Glen Miller as I’m typing my comment. Such a snappy, up-beat, feel-good song, I know your Aunt Nina is beaming down her great smile every time someone (like me) sends up another syncopated “In the Mood.” And what a heartfelt eulogy your poem is, so lyrical, lovely and painted like a true Impressionist with daubs of perfect color and detail. The art and photo — both (of course) wonderful. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, AM.


    • Thank you. And that photo highlights just a small sampling (though some in the photo are quite large ;-)). The room would need to be quite a bit more expansive to fit in the entire Italian group.
      Nina was sweet and tiny. Though even in that photo she began looking unNina-like. I have to put up a better pic to the same post – I must continue digging through my photo box.
      am 🙂


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