rivers of white

I don’t sleep the way I used to, in quiet spells of dreams and cool twists
I can’t possibly go up those tall stairs to my bedroom
without releasing the weight of my fingers into another space
my hands will push letters and rivers of white will burst outside of my head
I will say things I would not do
I will do things I would never say
caught in between, like a sturgeon and the silt
words as floppy as fishes
will swim upstream to spawn
if not completely undone by the journey
will develop into erstwhile muses, and swim back in the other direction
sturgeonsturgeon created with marker and a touch of white acrylic a few weeks ago
•sturgeons are in trouble, over the years their numbers have significantly dropped
•the term “rivers of white” is a traditional typesetter’s term for irregular word spacing, when attempting to justify copy (justify = both left and right margins are flush)


14 thoughts on “rivers of white

    • Thank you, Fawn. I must say, this was my first fish rendering ever. I’ve done whales and dolphins, even eels – but never fish. I liked adding his whiskers.
      We have 14 stairs, due to the giant husband’s request for high ceilings on the first floor.
      Have a lovely Monday.
      am 🙂


  1. (*_*) (@_@) –> verse + art

    :’-) The best kind, of course, especially when seeing a friend and fellow writer more than hitting her stride (hell, she’s miles ahead). Goregeous. Love the title, the metaphor.


      • Miss, fish have minds of their own, we cannot lead, only follow … and I have no idea where the hell this line of thinking is going exactly. But it’s going like the river’s a-flowing, back to the sea …. Ah, forget it. 🙂 Hey, I meant to add that I’d never heard of that typesetting term, “rivers of white,” but I love it! Might steal it one day. 😉 Learn something everyday, in every way …! As your Vito would say, I’m gettin’ punchy!


      • Steal away – we dealt with those darn rivers all the time back in the days of ye ole typesetting – when text came in galley format – justified – and we had to break individual words to minimize this effect. Lots o’work back then, before the amazing computer…all this crap was done by hand.
        am 🙂
        Caroline’s fish stares at me whenever I go into her room – I think she’s secretly trained it to rat me out 😉

        Liked by 1 person

    • Ah, thank you. I don’t know how brave I am, hidden in my studio with my coffee and music. Now if coffee and music can double as sword and shield, I might think about battling those monsters we create (only the nasty ones, of course, that are about to eat our friends). 😉
      I thank you so very much, for your kindness and lovely words.
      annmarie 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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