communal totem

There is an eternal savoring that goes unspoken
its pulse runs deep
beneath streets
under beds
below huts
stuck on the soles of naked feet
jammed into chests
tucked in fat wallets
thrown in abandoned shopping carts
weaved into baskets
planted in soil

across earth and ocean
the sensation of completeness
is a communal totem
whose likeness is known to all
but whose mysteries will forever remain
absent in every heart
patterna square college project I created long ago, made round for this post

Thoughts of hope go out to Nepal this night


18 thoughts on “communal totem

  1. AnnMarie, this post is visually (beautiful art, colors, pattern) and verbally stunning, and the depth of thought blows me away. The poem is exactly the kind of word play I like, the kind that makes me think/ponder and which sends me back through the lines to pan out the meaning — it’s like panning for gold. There’s a sense of “incomplete completeness”, as I read it, but even if that’s not what’s meant, I don’t really care if I “got it” or not, because the feeling (the sensation) of the words themselves make me feel. (Wow! I wrote that with absolutely not one sip of wine tonight! or coffee either!) But seriously, I do mean what I say here. This is a deep, complex poem, which makes it so very intriguing, thought-provoking, and lovely. 🙂

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      • And a great image it is. Childlike it may seem, but our minds create images we know to be possible. Your goal has the potential of reaching out to that community for those wishing to strive for. Keep seeking and peace will always rest in your mind! Keep writing and others can reach for the same stars!


      • Hi Alan,
        Now I’ve let out my secret – my inner child does all the thinking, the adult part just follows blindly along 😉
        Thank you for your hopeful words. It would be so very grand, wouldn’t it, nothing but peace throughout the world. Ah, thank goodness for dreaming.
        annmarie 🙂
        Hope you’re having a great day.

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  2. Wow, such nice and well-written words! I could never construct the lines nor could I match your style of expressing thoughts.
    I really appreciate your poem and yes, the picture is as nice as the former text!
    I hope with you that Nepal is relieved of the dreadful disaster’s aftermath…


    • I don’t really consider myself a poet person by any stretch, but I’m trying. I’m continually trying to improve. There are truly amazing writers and I look to them for guidance.
      But, I thank you so very much for you thoughtful words – I’m smiling right now 🙂

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