your godlike neck

in the little hours before the big hand shoves me out of bed
I remember the back of your neck
a tree trunk
heaped with thick cord
all that power flattening the pillow
all that muscle on me
yet your strength
proved powerless

I too had chances
to dig into your heart with a pitchfork
with each temptation
your neck your face your voice
with this big bed as a dais
do not break us apart

then you
omitted my neck my face my voice
in those cheating moments
weren’t my flesh touches enough
my warm eyes
my open lips

I should have stayed in character
and not adored a man
who considered himself godlike


5’x5′ oil on canvas painted years ago when I claimed to be a deep thinker 🙂


21 thoughts on “your godlike neck

  1. WP is being snotty. Tried to leave you this as a reply but….

    Maybe you’re another version of Kim Darby? If you haven’t seen it, “Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark” made in 1973. Decide about going down in to the basement after you’ve seen it,


      • Yeah I liked The Blob.

        It creeps, it crawls, it slimes all over the walls.

        For me it was Lon Chaney Jr as the Wolfman. Think I was about 8 and there was a full moon.

        Now the only thing that really creeps me out are fortune cookies. I won’t even pick one up. Bad bad jube jube!


  2. I like that about you and I understand and admire how you can put your head into another place far away to draw inspiration from past hard times or maybe even someone else’s horrors. If I didn’t do that, I’d be drawing flowers all day. Not that there’s anything wrong with drawing flowers.
    Love your work!


    • Thank you. I’m trying to write in ways, I’m not necessarily comfortable with or sure of. These writing pieces of late are sewn together with all different things going through my head. I try to draw/write – as you so wisely have said – from all over. And at the end of the day – it’s just a poem/art – words/images strung together that transport the reader/viewer to another place for a moment.
      Thank you. Have a great weekend.

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  3. That movie creeped me out as well and I can’t remember the film just the creepiness. :0 Guys who love only themselves can’t see the beauty of the forest, they are too busy admiring their own branches. Fortunately, no one cares and we all ignore trees like that. Perhaps he can find a nice mirror and just stare at himself, since most likely he will never find anyone as wonderful as he is. LOL Too bad you didn’t see his roots before you warmed up to his bark. 🙂 Well, look at it this way…at least you got a good poem out of it:) Excellent artwork as well. Some people don’t even end up with that, when they tangle with those kinds of trees:)


  4. Geez, looks like I’m late to the party, Miss, 🙂 Another hard-hitting and sublime poem. You’ve figured out what you needed to figure out: how to put emotion on the page. [Love that painting, but you know that.]


  5. All things aside young lady…the writing is beautiful and shows such strength in your words. I prefer to find the good, as thoughts of any individual having to suffer for all the wrong reasons is taboo in my world. People make promises that should mean everything in life, from their souls and yet shallowness seems to be a running theme. If recovery is possible from something so horrible, then the abused is a far better person for it and deserves nothing but the finest in those new special moments! The colors are also stunning!


    • Hi Alan.
      I take a little bit of soul, a tiny bit of heart. a wee bit of memory, a pinch of muse and all my mind which likes to play with the measurements – to write some of these.
      But once again, my superbly intelligent friend – your observations are quite brilliant and insightful. Today, more than ever, instant gratification has become the norm and not many seem to be fighting back. Bad behavior is rewarded with reality shows. Nuance is a dying art. The loudest gets the most and needs the least…
      If a good heart should be harmed by deception, it is hopeful, they go on to find something splendid.

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