sometimes she didn’t know what to do with herself
what a waste
opinions catapulted deafening blows
expressions white-blinded what mattered
too naive to deflect
puncturing soul barbs
drawing pictures squashed angst to line
writing words squeezed pain to paper
praying removal from her clumsy hands
Believing it all
she became someone she wasn’t supposed to be
for a long while
not for love
but hallowed acceptance
isn’t that always the way though –
Ashamed to admit
a typical case
this mockery
outlandish behavior
for a long while
lashing out
until the woebegone trail presented
a mighty mountain to be climbed
a swollen river to navigate
a barren desert to cross
did she do battle for
the person
she should have been all along…

Paper Shadow

Paper Shadow

I like this guy. He was done months ago and I’ve used him for a post or two…
I’d love to have an eraser hat 🙂


23 thoughts on “mockery

    • Ah, thank you – zombie chic 🙂
      I used to put that earth symbol up with every post then I got away from it. At one point, I had it in the sidebar – I took on this new theme a few months ago – and I’m not sure how to put the earth symbol back. I suppose I should figure it out at some point. But, thank you for the niceties, Leslie:) I so appreciate.

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  1. Struggles seem to be such commonplace for the lady involved here, between the mighty mountain, swollen river and barren desert. Struggles can feel this way sometimes. The eraser head hat is pretty darn cool!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My clumsy words can’t do this work justice. All I can say is, tone & voice and razor-sharp writing blast it into the stratosphere … and we look up, amazed.


  3. I love the earth on each post…it grounds us all…I also love the way you smash and crunch your words together to reflect such pain and transition. Keep up the good work. – Fawn


  4. AnnMarie, I truly love everything you have written…you should be world famous soon!!…thank you for the wonderful tributes to Uncle Robert and me, your humble mother…I hope we will be able to see you on your birthday next week…Love you, Mom


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