I’d Be that Tramp

through entertainment’s prism of 1960
one raging wish have I
to live a single glorious night
swaddled in Rat Pack company
blinded by devilish eyes and wily smiles

as black fedoras set like ascending jet planes
from center stage
swagger and melodies floating effortlessly
I’d inhale those gents’ intoxicating charisma
letting each velvet voice weave through my silk threads

beyond my mind
yes, this lady would be that tramp
not dishing the dirt
but tucking this beguiling dream
where she buries her most romantic schemes and sweetest treasures

and if it wouldn’t be asking too much of the fickle fantasy gods
this lady also pines for Mario Lanza
circa 1950
thank you
that will be all…;)
fedora10 minute sketch composed several hours ago, I’m a bit lazy today – ’cause this sketch needs more than 10 minutes…oh well, it is fantasy


worlds in the same space

When we meet, we’re stripped of flesh
our gaze cannot travel from floor to ceiling
and back again
unencumbered by complicated scents
or wood-lined musk
voices light or low do not matter
nor fullness of conversation
unequivocally all build upon the same plane
creating worlds in the same space
alone in our company
we bravely cannon
thoughts given over often altruistically
this universal journal
many times so unsure
simply waiting
for the lead ball to land
hoping invisible beasts keep their chemical spit
to themselves

we willingly contribute to this
world diary
this massive, shared testament
to the human spirit collective
blue horses less orrunning blue horses done about 2 years back for a good friend and talented physical therapist

dedicated to bloggers out there in the universe – thank you for being a constant source of inspiration and encouragement