worlds in the same space

When we meet, we’re stripped of flesh
our gaze cannot travel from floor to ceiling
and back again
unencumbered by complicated scents
or wood-lined musk
voices light or low do not matter
nor fullness of conversation
unequivocally all build upon the same plane
creating worlds in the same space
alone in our company
we bravely cannon
thoughts given over often altruistically
this universal journal
many times so unsure
simply waiting
for the lead ball to land
hoping invisible beasts keep their chemical spit
to themselves

we willingly contribute to this
world diary
this massive, shared testament
to the human spirit collective
blue horses less orrunning blue horses done about 2 years back for a good friend and talented physical therapist

dedicated to bloggers out there in the universe – thank you for being a constant source of inspiration and encouragement


23 thoughts on “worlds in the same space

    • I always wanted to paint blue horses. This painting hangs in a physical therapist’s office now. I hope it brings calm to those in pain.
      If ‘your girl’ is willing – I’m sure she can paint blue equines 🙂
      Happy Sunday


  1. Beautiful in it’s intensity…both words and drawing. Deep, deep thought and meaning. Universal journal, human spirit collective…all is One. This is just lovely, AnnMarie…thank you for the Sunday morning Offering. Your running horses are stunning. Love the colour, movement, and the coppery streaks repeated across the manes. Very well done. Happy Sunday to you and yours!

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  2. AnnMarie, this is gorgeous and so true, and I doubt but that you’re one of the first, if not the first, to write an ode to blogging., so thank you. The “lead ball” hit here last night about 10:30 when I lost Internet. I’m still without, thumb-typing this on my phone. There’s actually a kind of cool story behind seeing your post I’ll share later when I can use all 10 fingers. 😉 Just know this poem is beautiful, and it reflects as much tribute to the poet as she does to her readers. Happy Sunday, Miss. Hope you slept well.

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    • Hola, Miss Deb.
      You know, I’d been wanting to write a thank you for sometime. It finally all came together in my head, wouldn’t you know, right before going out last night. Maybe it was magical mascara! It was ladies night :). You’d appreciate this-the bar had an elephant theme – really cool. I made pretend the wayward pachyderms were golden mastodons 🙂
      I stayed out late and that seemed to do the trick. Deep sleep was had!
      Thank you for your kind support, even though you can be a tough task master 😉
      Hope your Internet woes are fully resolved…we the simple at the mercy of the technical…
      Happy Sunday.
      And now, I’m going to do my best to stay away from the laptop and get some drawing done – perhaps a monster 🙂
      hope Chuck is feeling better


    • Hi Alan,
      I’m trying. Sometimes, I go back and read this stuff and say among other things, “what the hell was I thinking!” and I see entire sections that seem so weak. I’m trying not to go back and read.
      But, thank you for your uplifting words. I do so appreciate them. 🙂

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    • Why thank you, Leslie. I did this for a friend/physical therapist who refused to take my $ after getting my shoulder back to normal (I’d thrown it out throwing the baseball way too hard – showing off to my son – can’t take the tomboy outta the girl). I painted this for my friend’s office, baked him a cake and gave him a plant…
      I think I would have rather given him the $ 😉

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  3. I love this painting with the poem. It shows your versatility too. The use of complementary colors really sets it off.


    • Ah, I appreciate you comment. Whenever I give a beginner’s art lesson, I always teach my young students the ‘value’ of a simple color wheel – and how wonderful complimentary colors are for playing off one another.
      Thank you for your kind words.

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      • I remember memorizing the color wheel before being turned loose on a canvas 🙂 Blue and orange were my favorites. Back in ancient times when I used acrylics, I thought blue and orange made the best gray. Then later, I found out I was color blind. I have no idea what others saw but it looked kool to me 🙂


      • No you’re absolutely right – 2 compliments make lovely and interesting neutrals 🙂
        I also teach my kiddies to use black sparingly – I love dark blues like ultramarine and dark browns like Vandyke to make darks…so much more interesting 🙂

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