the five mountains: a little saggy humor

as you saunter down the road of life
skippin’ down arbitrary routes
some planned, others not so much
there’s gonna be five mountains

you’ll notice after comin’ round that first mountain
some of the sun grabbed at your skin while you were playin’ outdside
there are a few epidermical things you didn’t start out with
continue on passed the shadow-casting, grandfather clock
ignore him, he likes clangin’ abruptly

you’ll notice after comin’ round that second mountain
the moon tugged a bit too hard during those deep nights
gravity’s mojo is wearin’ off and things are lettin’ loose
continue on passed the sexy, glass timepiece modeled after Sophia Loren
even she can’t stop the sands from pourin’

you’ll notice after comin’ round that third mountain
the last two mountains are now obliterated from view
there are boxes and jars everywhere with taped promises of renewal
along with heavy-duty inversion boots and a thick pamphlet:
how to minimize life’s lines by hanging upside down just ten minutes a day

you’ll notice after comin’ round that fourth mountain
the journey has been exceptionally difficult
you’ve been tryin’ to walk on your hands
while wearin’ your heavy-duty inversion boots
you decide it’s time to retake control of your feet

you’ll notice after comin‘ round the fifth mountain
you shoulda stayed on your feet round the fourth
you start laughin’ at yourself with teeth that may or may not be yours
and then there it is, the reason you made it round all those other mountains
your old friend

a smile
the one you were born with… 🙂

Sexy Skeleton

Sexy Skeleton

Born months ago with Prisma pencils, I’ve shown this gal a few times, she always makes me smile 🙂

…and now for mountain six…


15 thoughts on “the five mountains: a little saggy humor

    • Well, Patrick,
      I’m glad you know where you are. 🙂 Sometimes, we’re not so lucky and that’s when we might get into trouble. But the redeeming part about growing older, as you smartly noted, “not giving a rip!” – I love that – so very true and liberating.
      Have a wonderful day.


    • Hi Patrick,
      You know where you are and that’s wonderful. When we lose sight of where we’re going we can run into trouble. And as you put it “not give a rip,” is perfect! Getting older is really quite liberating on that front.
      Have a terrific day.


    • Feel free to add as many mountains as you like, John. 🙂
      I could have kept going, but too many mountains would have been too much work for me – currently rounding mountain four I think 😉
      Happy Tuesday, John.


  1. Very nice — and funny — indeedy, Miss! I always wondered about those inversion boots …. 🙂 Gotta smile, always gotta smile at time’s passage (or maybe it’d be better to stick one’s tongue out at it, LOL). You’re very reflective on this soon-to-be first day of your 52 year (love Sexy Skeleton)! 😉


  2. Oh AnnMarie….I am laughing out loud….chuckling. I LOVE this! You have such an AMAZING sense of humor and you’re able to put it into words so well! Fabulous!!!! Just concentrating on the words this time….have you ever done stand up???? LOVE LOVE LOVE this!


  3. She’ll be coming around the mountain when she comes…. By the time I hit mountain three the chuckles were already setting in. A jovial write young lady. And the gorgeous skeleton lady with her wrap thing (don’t recall the name) is exquisite! You must have had fun with this one AnnMarie! Lovely!


    • Hi Alan.
      I was was aging before my eyes yesterday. I don’t consider myself vain, yet I’d be lying if I said I like b’days that march forward. I’d like to begin celebrating backwards birthdays.
      I’m glad you got the tune – it was in my head while writin’ this little song 🙂
      Happy Wednesday.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. So insightful and wise Ann Marie…and so true. Don’t worry…I have been around the sun a few more times than you, and it is not painful! You do certainly begin to reflect on past happenings though…and the patterns of your life…love your humourous skeleton! You are skilled with the crayons…fabulous.


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