word dining

skin-slick words
one sliding into the next
sinfully playing out thoughts
cinematic suggestions coupling
atop monochromatic unions
each time
honestly every time
my eyes are guilty
while my mind races
and my palms sweat

perhaps the solution is
rending those sultry words apart
pouncing above the serifs
visualizing beneath the descenders
disrobing the creator
but what would be the point
it is not the invisible writer
but my golden age response to
these enticing content seductions
perhaps too much fantasizing
contemplation of sensual mystery
whatever rationale is applied
I should not keep biting

but I fear the world
a bit more dull
if not dining on sensual words
and I’m a bit selfish
that way

Dress of Life

quickie sketch previously posted, but I think she appears slightly aloof –
perfect for when one reads erotica that turns their face red, even when no one else is in the room…

I sure hope my parents aren’t reading this stuff 😉


22 thoughts on “word dining

  1. Well young lady…do you need to be reminded that your mother has a mind of her own. Contrary to thought patterns of adult children, they never actually think of their parents as having done, well you know, that thing that people do to introduce little one’s into the world, and other stuff. And anyway, don’t they say, Like mother, like daughter! Oh my garsh, this many have opened… a jar of jelly beans! :o)

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  2. “Be selfish,” says the woman on her 2nd glass of cabernet. “This life isn’t a rehearsal, and a person can’t fantasize or contemplate too much.” 😉 Love “enticing content seductions,” “skin-slick,” “monochromatic unions,” etc. etc. etc. Bravo, Miss.

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