my beautiful

we see the world differently
sometimes we don’t speak the same language
I’m a flesh and blood train wreck
often shamed by your benevolence
I wonder why you continue loving me
is there something you know that I don’t
while I dissect, ponder and worry
you patiently watch with a warmth
that tamps my pounding heart back into a steady beat
you sidle me when I’m lonely
refusing to allow my tears to burden the floor
your honest eyes convince me
again and again
why I love you
my beautiful dog
yes, I know it’s time for your dinner

Our beloved Chama 1997 – 2009
Let’s hope more shelter animals find homes…
This post is dedicated to C-Dog – a site that champions human benevolence for all animals. Also, a shout out to newcomer, Lillian the Home Poet who reminded me this very morning about the generosity of our beloved pets.
C-Dog is currently on hiatus (hopefully not too long:) )


23 thoughts on “my beautiful

  1. Awe, choked me right up. They give us their love unconditionally and ask for so little in return.
    And when ya step outside for two minutes to get the mail, they greet your return as though you’ve been away for years.


  2. Look at the love shining out from those eyes! Where would we be without our pets? I, too, hope C-Dog’s hiatus is brief, because I will miss her wisdom. Heading to check out Lillian right now. Happy Friday, AnnMarie! – Fawn

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  3. Ah, AM, dogs really do know something we don’t: how to live and live honestly. Thank you so much for writing this exquisite tribute not only to Chama, but to all dogs as well. And yes, let’s hope more shelter animals do get adopted, and soon. That is a most amazing painting of your dog, absolutley riveting — it so captures those “honest eyes.” d


  4. What a wonderful portrait of Chama…so so beautiful. What a wise wistful gaze, and I love the background pastel colours…that’s a treasure to keep and poignant, powerful words. A tear jerker of a poem. Thank you.

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