the right moment for a lefty

can you glide atop marble
with big feet tripping you
can you dance across scuffed inlay
while soaking in the swing band
if you know me at all
you’ll know why music and maroon socks are perfect
will you sneer if an errant hair strand sticks to my shiny mouth
my lips are glossed ’cause I’m trying to look pretty
as you swing me left
I can’t swing right – that’s the side I always drop things on
will you know I never lived above an Italian deli but wanted to
or worked as a librarian
or sketched on a zeppelin
or like my bedsheets striped otherwise I put them on the wrong way
will you know I dream all the time
something I was supposed to be held back a grade for
will you know how I escaped
and that I don’t ever want to be caught
I just want to dance to swing band music
with someone who doesn’t mind laughing with me
dancerquickie sketch today

33 thoughts on “the right moment for a lefty

  1. Well, now, these words simply dance down the page and they’re a joy to behold. I “see” now the secret was always there in plain sight: details — the details are so spot on, so perfect, always. Of course! And I should add that I really, really admire that ominous turn at the end — like a swing turn (to the left, of course), nor can I forget to mention the flowing, kinetic sketch, which is so elegant.

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    • Morning, Deb.
      This was a fun one to do. One my real fantasies is to dance in a great white room, while dress in a beautiful gown. I’m getting spun around as the swing band plays and there’s a gorgeous white grand piano to. I think Harry Connick Jr. is playing, but the Miller Band is keeping the main beat!
      Thank you.


      • We have tickets to see Miller … Steve Miller, sorry, had to do it. πŸ™‚ Glenn Miller would be easier to swing to though, I’d imagine. πŸ˜‰

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      • Funny lady!
        I remember back in the late 70’s or was it early 80’s – that Pegasus album cover was everywhere. I even painted the darn thing on a few denim jackets for people…
        And yes, Glenn Miller’s swing would be BETTER πŸ˜‰

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  2. Being accepted as you are is truly a gift in itself. Having somebody to believe in you are all your magical thoughts just fills the Christmas sock to the point of fantastic satisfaction. I know you were not talking Christmas but the keyboard made me say that. Your drawing is so sensual and delicate as though drifting in a dream! Lovely works AnnMarie!

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  3. I enjoyed your sketch, AnnMarie, and because I am tremendously fond of dancing, your poem had me with the swing band music! Haha! Plus, it was entertaining to read all the other bits…..of you being a dreamer and especially the striped bedsheets! Thank you. πŸ™‚


  4. This says so much about the person you are…great insights and I agree with above comment lots and lots of fun! …striped bed sheets, italian deli…! I don’t ever want to be caught either…can I join you? Love the vibrant sketch…very well done a m…made me smile this morning! : >)


  5. “will you sneer if an errant hair strand sticks to my shiny mouth”….love this line. A quickie sketch — oh my! I love that she seems to be blooming out of a saxophone. Isn’t that how dancing makes you feel? Alive? And having a life partner to dance — swing or slow and sweet or just through the day’s events. This is wonderful. The hair strand sticking made me smile….not so much sticking to my mouth as we dance, but peeling away from my partner in our cheek to cheek dancing and having my hair stick to his cheek — πŸ™‚
    Enjoying this over an early glass of wine this summer like evening — rather than a cup of morning coffee. Seems appropriate for the poem and the sketch!

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    • Ah, thank you Lillian. This was fun to write. One thing about giant men, many don’t like dancing…darn it. The giant husband doesn’t like dancing much. I guess at 6’7″ I can empathize.
      I do lots of dancing in my mind and when I’m by myself I’m a regular ballerina! Oh yes, and I also sing opera at the top of my lungs πŸ™‚
      I wanted this dancing gal to be coming out of a trumpet!
      Thank you for your kind words here πŸ™‚


      • ‘Righteous’ indeed. According to research published in the American Journal of Psychology, there is some evidence that left-handed people have the upper hand in at least one creative facet too β€” they’re better at divergent thinking, a method of idea generation that explores many possible solutions…Lefties tended to find advantages and be drawn to careers in the arts, music, sports, and information technology fields. However my sweet southpaw, with every sunny day, a little rain must fall. Lefties make up about 10 percent of the general population. But studies have found that people with psychosis had a 20 percent likelihood of being left-handed. We could have told them that for free right?


      • See now, I would have stuck with the sports. I was darn good at playing first base, but always had a difficult time finding ‘leftcentric’ equipment. When my precious first baseman’s glove gave in, I never found another quite as good. That signaled the beginning of the end for my sport’s career. Also, I didn’t realize I should have probably worn glasses when trying to hit the darn ball.
        Divergent is one of those beautiful words. I wish it wasn’t glued to YA SciFi/Fantasy now. Well, if rain must fall to the left, we’re in interesting company. Disconnections from reality are where I do my best thinking. And yes, we could have most definitely told them that for free πŸ™‚


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