Why is there underwear in my face?

In keeping with this week’s theme, “Reality and Afraid,” I’m sharing another favorite post from way back.

One day at the high school…

I’ve been substitute teaching four years. During my tenure I’ve noticed, as I’m sure many of you have, that a warm-weather phenomenon has been affecting our schools. Now if you’ll humor (along with) me, I’m going to tighten my brassier straps and adjust my mom sorting hat…

As parents of Generation txt’ers, we’re exceptionally busy. We’ve produced 2.1 offspring who run us ragged. We do daily battle to arm them with the latest technology. We toil endlessly to swaddle them in brand names and expensive athletic socks. Appearance goes a long way toward their shades of happiness.

Our children’s desire for ‘peer acceptance’ can wear us out. After a long day of caring, we parents are frazzled. In fact, we’re so exhausted that some mornings we can’t even muster up the words, “Wait, you’re not really going to school naked are you?” (Of course I exaggerate, some students are partially clad and others remember to wear clothes.)

It certainly would explain, when I was sitting beside a student  (I was a one-on-one sub that day) I turned to find a pair of underwear in my face. The student with the low pants (he must not have realized they were the wrong size when he purchased them) was standing with his back to me while conversing with a fellow student.

Perhaps there could be a kindly worded, student pamphlet espousing reminders like: Dear young ladies, your breasts won’t run away if you can’t see them. Rest assured they will still be there when the school day is over. So cover your breasts while learning. Save them for later, when you’ll really need them. Dear young men, if you stop looking at the breasts long enough, perhaps you’ll realize your pants have fallen down.

In Pearls

In Pearls

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31 thoughts on “Why is there underwear in my face?

  1. Hilarious. You had me laughing just at the title. Sadly, so true.
    Once little girls turn 5 or 6, have you noticed the shift in clothing offered to the by the likes of Penny’s, Target, Macy’s and just about anywhere? Hannah Anderson is one of the exceptions — and a lovely one at that! It’s like they’re all “slutty” clothes for the young or they have logos emblazened on them like “little princess.”
    Last summer, while riding on the T, two young men got on….one with the type of pants you mention — the crotch was so low he was hobbled walking. The other young man had on normal jeans. They were chatting so they seemingly were friends. Mr. Normal Jeans sat next to me….his friend had to go farther back to find a seat. After a few minutes of rumbling through the city, I turned to Mr. Normal Jeans and just plan asked….”How does your friend keep his pants up? Is there like a strap inside that’s buttoned up on his shirt? They really look like they’re just about to fall down to his ankles.”
    Mr. Normal Jeans looked at me and then said “excuse me” and went to stand by his friend, silently. I’m sure he told him about the nutty old lady once they got off the T.
    It’s not just the underwear in your face…..if there were an emergency and they had to run, they’d be the first ones trampled! The crotch is so low they walk like penguins!!! Just sayin’……..and showing my age 🙂

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    • lolillian (I combined the 2 😉 )
      It is slightly disturbing – the clothing offerings especially for little girls. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have put the word “Pink” on my young daughter’s toosh. Why in heaven’s name would invite folks of diverse bkgds to stare at your five-year-old’s bumm?
      Good thing the fella with the sagger pants wasn’t the one you asked. He would have tried running away and then the poor dude would have tripped. And then you would’ve had to administer mouth-to-mouth ’cause he’d hit his head on the way down. 😉
      Kidding aside, every generation has it’s proclivities. Hard core Hippies were so much cooler ’cause they didn’t even bother with clothes. They weren’t slaves to fashion – only LSD 😉
      The sad thing is with the kiddies today, teachers often won’t say, “your clothing is making me uncomfortable.” Because most likely what they’d get back is “Why are you looking.” And no one wants to open that bottle in today’s – he said, she said, they said, twitter-fed insta-fed society – YIkes!
      You have a lovely Bostonian weekend!

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  2. So often when I see a young person walk into the room, one of my first thoughts is, “Aren’t there any mirrors at your house?” and the second is, “Does your mom know you left home dressed like that?” From my leftover-hippie experience, I can verify that there might not have been much on under those granny dresses, but they were still pretty covered up to the casual observer. At work I often am amazed by our guys who clock out dressed quite presentably, with pants just slightly below their waists and crotches at their crotches (where else), only to emerge a few minutes later from the employee rest room with those same pants sagging and their unmentionables hanging out. And why? So they can look as dim as the other idiots on the street?

    And buying clothes for little girls is really a challenge. Most offerings for the small one are, as Lillian said, full of logos or sayings, and trying to find skirts long enough for the nearly 9-year old who is expected to top six feet in height and has legs like a young filly is nearly impossible! Gymboree is a great brand of classic clothes, but can be quite pricey. Thank goodness for consignment and resale shops!

    Obviously you touched a nerve here! I’ll stop now — Happy Saturday — Fawn

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    • Hi Fawn.
      Speaking of clothes. It was prom here yesterday, ooo la la – there were some pretty shiny get-ups!
      I actually get a bit saddened looking at toddler and young children’s clothing when so much of it looks ‘street walkerish’ What are these designers thinking? What’s worse it they wouldn’t be peddlin’ the outfits if there wasn’t a solid customer base.
      As I’ve come to understand the low pants thing, the explanation provided by my neighbor – a Bronx, NY detective – it originated in prisons. I don’t want to go into the details here, but the look morphed or diluted into a fashion…
      Hope you’re had a beautiful tea party!
      I’m quite behind in my blog reading this weekend with the prom yesterday and today we lost power for awhile.

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    • Wow!
      As a mom, I like to know my young teens are modest. It’s nice to know young kids aren’t inviting excessive ogling by fashion… And things get strange when it’s in an educational environment…
      I’m all for fun and freedom, but there is a time and a place for all activities 🙂
      I once saw a young man actually fall down in the street while wearing his low pants and he was quite embarrassed – imagine – that’s what it took to make him feel self conscious 🙂
      Maybe my dogs think there are purple flowers on the floor…

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  3. I loved this one! It’s funny because it is so accurate. My oldest daughter was a rebel. Tiger Mom was also tenacious with her cultural beliefs in modesty and chastity for teenage girls. There were many brawls. Now my daughter has two little girls to raise and she is now her own version of Tiger Mom. One day after a good scourging of her daughter she looked at us with trauma in her eyes and said, “My God! I’ve become my mother!” The ones that survive intact seem to come around eventually. 🙂


  4. Is there a “theme” week, and I didn’t know about it? 🙂 But a good, serious theme this one is. Oh, don’t even get me started on today’s (lack of) apparel. I suppose every generation looks on the younger generations with some disdain (it’s how you know you’re getting older), but what’s going on now, with underwear as featured “outer-wear,” and bedangled breasts commonplace — well, I don’t get it. This is sort of on an off-tanget, but: Quite a few years ago, when I was still teaching full-time, several female soccer players were hanging around after class one day, and so too were a few of the male soccer players. I heard one of the males call the girls their “hoes,” heard the girls laugh, and then watched as the young men trotted off. I nailed the girls about the allowing the young men to use that term with them, and they “enlightened” me, saying that Feminism now meant that women could be tramps if they wanted to be (they mentioned Madonna), and they “celebrated” their scantily-clad bodies, which, they said, were emblematic of their liberation. According to them, their acceptance of such terms and attire, or lack thereof, had actually helped the movement to progress. That was the day I knew something had tragically happened to Feminism, that somewhere, at least with the generations coming up, the movement had taken a wrong turn or run a red light.


    • Ah, feminism – the ‘ism’ is supposed to make us gals smarter. I don’t know where naked fits in with pure politics, economic and social issues…I don’t see too many men baring their bods to make statements of equality…
      oh well, maybe it will swing back around – when gals realize – if you wear clothes people might listen more to what you have to say…
      I’m glad you talked to those young ladies. I’m sure you made them at least consider their response at some later point…


  5. Do ya ever wonder where such and absurd style – if I can call it that – came from?
    I read years ago that this trend began in prisons. The prisoner with the low hanging pants was sending out a suggestive message to potential takers. If ya know what I mean.
    It wasn’t long before the trend morphed to represent just thugery and rebelliousness and spread throughout inner-city America.. And now today the boys and their parents have no clue about what this look once insinuated. Real life creepy stuff.


    • I answered a comment a bit ago, mentioning the prison thing. My neighbor – a Bronx, NY detective had enlightened me about the low pants. Talk about taking things out of context. I don’t imagine many of these kiddies realizing where the style originated from. Thank you for further enlightenment 🙂

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  6. Lol…I remember those days well in the classroom observing as a teacher in my Art room…Scantily clad girls dressed to impress boys, and boys dressed to impress girls…aaaah teenage hormones! That’s one raging battle going on…and after the classroom I experienced and observed it all, in different forms and expressions with my 6 kids! Phew…it’s been a tough ride…some harder, some not so hard. Been a challenge at times…sometimes trying to get your point across in a hidden not so obvious way. Glad to say the youngest son is now 17 going on 18! Nearly there and he has been great…very sensible, down to earth. Thinks for himself…not looking to impress peers, etc. great post and so funny and SO true. Very well written A M x really connected with this one!


  7. First off, although gorgeous, that does not look like Minnie Pearl! Secondly, the police are every so happy, since the young boys started wearing their pants down near their knee caps, because when crimes are committed (i.e. graffiti, robbing gardens and orchards and other such violent crimes, punishable by 10-15 years of incarceration, and if not incarceration, jail time) the young lads have not wandered very far from the scene of the crime and are generally within walking (waddling) distance. The police tend to quickly nab those type of criminals, as say opposed to professional criminals. Clearly two different groups of people.
    It is once again time (this week) that we cover some of the predicaments young people come up against. A lot of it is not so much the kids but the idiot industries that push them into such things. I recall when taking a college class they asked us, “Are you the one’s who decides what you wear?” I am sure everybody answered “Yes” to this. They were corrected by the professor and told, “That is not correct. Between peer pressure and what the manufacturers place under out noses, are what we are sometimes forced to buy”. I realize that is not always the case but there is truth to it a high percentage of the time.
    A lovely public address communication young lady! Thanks for sharing! :o)

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    • You know Alan, that is a very interesting question – how do we ‘really’ make clothing decisions. Are they thrust upon us, while we’re led to believe the choices are ours? Hmm. There’s a flash fiction prompt for you , Sir!
      You know the low, low pants phenom actually originated in prisons – I had no idea of this. My neighbor, a Bronx detective enlightened me a few years back when we were discussing this very issue… There’s is a comment by another blogger – here that gets at the heart of the craze…if you want to read…
      I’m not sure if she was supposed to be Mini Pearl or just a pretty horse who adores baubles 😉
      Happiest of Mondays to you 🙂

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      • Flash fiction…Knowing how the first “Flash Fiction” went, the police will likely have me arrested for indecent over-exposure! Actually, thinking back, that must have been humorous to watch the older gentleman tugging on the kid on top and for them to realize that every time he jerked that kid that my entire body was also dragged upward.:o)
        I do not know if flash fiction fits as I prefer to relate to real events, even though I attempt to find humor in as many as possible. Of course loss, relationship etc. are protected against such nonsense, for obvious reasons. Before I forget, Pearls was of course turned into Minnie Pearl which was a nice way to tell you how wonderful your drawing was. Your humor (humour) bends more toward my side so I know that you catch more than most in that department (you poor thing) :o)
        Colors come in and colors go out. Hair styles also come and go as do fashion statements of all sorts. The prof’s point was taken as what is on the shelves is really what we have choices on and it is based on somebody else’s designs. Clothes are not the end of time. I wore bell bottoms when they were cool. I wasn’t cool wearing them, but being a nerdy type limits our options :o)
        Prison you say. I did not know that! Thank you for sharing. Which blog are you referring to AnnMarie?
        Hopefully your Monday at school went well! :o)

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      • Leslie, a superbly, talented artist of insects, zombies, flowers and more of Killing Jar Studio, commented on the pants. I copied her comment from the comment section for my ‘clothes’ post so you wouldn’t have to search and strain your eyes this time of evening – “I read years ago that this trend began in prisons. The prisoner with the low hanging pants was sending out a suggestive message to potential takers. If ya know what I mean.
        It wasn’t long before the trend morphed to represent just thugery and rebelliousness and spread throughout inner-city America.. And now today the boys and their parents have no clue about what this look once insinuated. Real life creepy stuff.”
        Art imitates life does it not, Sir Alan! So much ‘fictionalized fiction’ derives the mind of real… so Flash away 😉
        Hah, I wore bell bottoms, mine had studs on them, did yours? I also wore platform sandals with painted roses on them. I’m going to assume you didn’t wear those 😉
        Yes, as long as we believe we have choices…I guess we do. Maybe Lady Godiva had it right – grow your hair long, jump on a mighty stallion and prance away!
        I hope all else is well, my friend.
        I’m listening to “Showboat” right now – Old Man River is playing – what a sweet song –
        “…old man river he keeps rollin’ along…” I feel like a river 🙂


      • Yikes! I know what you mean, it is a dirty connotation about an age old description meaning it is that day we all dislike so much…laundry day, right? Maybe I should re-read it again .o) ouch…my eye…
        Well, where I came from we had a different version of what flash away means, but I’m willing to go with your version AnnMarie :o)
        Nope, no studs. I was like a bean pole so never had a need for platforms :o)
        Great to hear your day is going good. Mine is about to get too busy, but will address that real soon. Thank you AnnMarie! :o)

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