Thespian Thursday

Hello my friends,
As today is Thespian Thursday, followed by Folly Friday, Selling Saturday and Sensible Sunday – I’ll be taking a few days to powder wigs, replace corset laces, polish eyeballs, rewire fingers and recharge brains…
I’ll see you back here lupine Monday (assuming the wolves haven’t enticed me to continue with my singing lessons and relocate). Hopefully enough moon glow will have landed in my soul by then.

Turquoise Eyes

Turquoise Eyes



turquoise eyes prisma pencil 2006
nutz rendered a few months ago while I had partial brain power


32 thoughts on “Thespian Thursday

  1. Love the Wolf! Squirrel scares me but I very much appreciate the philosophy!

    I’m under time constraints so I’ll have to go thespian and frolic all at once.

    ……… Alas poor eunuch, I knew him well,

    poor guy


  2. Oh I did not know what this stuff was all about! But I Googled and got it, then!
    Hey, the wolf’s a masterpiece-I mean, just look! I really thought that was a real photo!
    And secondly, the suirrel: Is it supposed to be scary? It’s quite funny on the other side!
    I Heart both the pics:)
    Awesome as you always are, Miss AnnMarie!

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    • Hey there, Bob.
      You gave me a chuckle upon returning to my computer chair in ye old studio.
      Needed a break, man and had to sell crap this weekend. Actually gave lots of it away – I really have a difficult time charging folks for crap 😉
      I hope you are feeling well, my friend.


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