Black Hole Advice

well, who am I kidding
I think
I just want to stop

What is it I want to stop?

That I’m not sure about
maybe I want to stop
so when I start
I know where to begin

When I’m in thick
head exploding
innards imploding
it’s time to light up
the cannon fuse

let the oddball fly
lightening the load
opening the earth

when you’re headed for that iceberg
a small detour
might just alleviate the giant black hole
you’re about to dig
Galeencreated a few months ago 🙂


28 thoughts on “Black Hole Advice

    • Hi John,
      Not really overwhelmed, well, not anymore. The few days away were quite nice. I just need to make sure I’m not letting my art and ms writing get too off track. And blogging, while fantastic, sometimes absorbs much creative time for me. I just have to be more judicious about my time. I do so enjoy it though – I just have to be a bit smarter 🙂

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      • Blogging is a major time sucker. Glad you got things under control! I tried Vine last week for a few days and finally decided against spending any more time with it.

        It’s a fun platform but it can’t compete with Instagram for me as Vine isn’t about photography of course. Got to limit how much social media we have in our lives.

        Thinking back to the eighties and even the nineties, I never had a clue all of this tech fun was coming at any of us.

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      • Hi John.
        Thank you. Yes, I just have to stop being a baby about the whole thing. I know what I have to do, I just have to be more judicious about my time. I do enjoy WP and all the terrific relationships one forms – all wonderful. It’s me – I have to gauge so I can do my art and my other writing too.
        I hope all is well with you.

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      • Oh yes, all is well here except no buyer for our house – GAAAH!! Been almost a year since we started trying, and three Realtor companies later. Could be so much worse. Are you on Instagram?


      • Hi John,
        Hang in there. I know a few people in the same boat. Hopefully the market continues slowly picking up.
        No, I’m not on Instagram. I just got all tweeted up and that took some doing. I still don’t know what the heck I’m doing there. One of these days, I’ll brave up to Instagram.

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    • Thank you – yes, we can. In my case, I need to use my time more wisely. I do enjoy blogging and all its friendships. I just need to limit the actual time so my artwork and other writing pieces don’t suffer.
      It does go well with coffee though 😉

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  1. TO avoid that easel and its work and black holes…yeah, i remember them i used to just tell myself, “ok, lets wait 24 hours,and if we still feel that way, we will do…something about it” never was usually hormones, dont have them anymore..the hormones…or the black hole

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