bakery special

the first time I saw you
I loved Rocky
you didn’t know that
you were like Stallone
but much taller, good for my tallness
I was working behind the bakery counter at the mall
you caught me staring
I looked for you after that
next time, I caught you staring
and then
there you were one day
waiting for me at the bakery counter
I was so nervous when you asked for my address
I wrote ‘Cannoli-al’ instead of Colonial
you wore a big, bright football jacket that fit your gleaming black Mustang
I thought I hit the jackpot
you thought you’d use me
I thought again, the joke is on you
I’m not that special

Smiling Clown

Smiling Clown

Clown done a few months back and previously published.
Poem goes way back to high school DAZE 😉


16 thoughts on “bakery special

  1. Well, everyone else commented on the poem so my view is on the drawing, which I love! Ups and downs, curves of smiles and frowns, hat curves pointing down — vivid colors with blac pen in background, happy red balloon carried “dread” hidden. Reading too much into it? That’s what a wise woman once wrote to me — something about when we put it out there we let go and everyone brings their own perception to it. So here for me, is the clown’s life — making everyone else laugh while s/he is crying inside. Maybe it’s why so many are afraid of clowns? I love this drawing! On to reheat my second cup!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah Lillian,
      You clever lady, the Dread balloon – no one else noticed the irony or didn’t comment on it anyway…
      I’m forever troubled by red balloons – since attending Catholic School and watching the movie “Red Balloon.” I cried quite hysterically when the balloon died – I was in first grade.
      You’re right on every ‘clowny’ point 🙂
      Thank you for your kind words.


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