binary affairs

we bathe in their glow
let their little emojis kiss us
allow acronyms to replace endearments
they tell us where to go
and we never question
round zeros, stiff ones (‘binarily’ speaking)
fit discreetly into our pockets
where the vibrations excite us
we weep if we lose them
panic when we leave them
turn ons
turn offs
so attentive to their every whim
our new lovers
oh, how we obsess

if “they” don’t sleep with us
maybe we still have a chance
of reclaiming our ‘humaness’ 😉



Galeen girl created a few months ago when I was less feisty 😉
And I am as guilty as the next – my cell phone will be in my pocket today 🙂


18 thoughts on “binary affairs

    • I don’t know if you’re a Seinfeld fan – there is an episode where somebody (memory shaky) uses a gigantic portable cell phone – for some reason that particular image has always stayed with me – I think ’cause of the humor – gotta laugh or monsters and zombies might make us cry 😉

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  1. How did you know??? I DO sleep with my phone! When I wake up it is the first thing I reach for — my alarm clock, my weather man, my safety net. And no, I did not do this until after I started sleeping alone (TMI, I know…). – Fawn

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  2. Well said! And totally relatable! I wrote something similar by the name of ‘Through thick and thin’. We never knew when we ceased to use the technology we made and when the technology started using us.
    The smartphones are somehow making us dumber 😀

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