Feeníx: Beauty’s Cutting ‘Age’ Procedure

is a cutting edge cosmetic procedure.
This miraculous process halts aging!
Feeníx is derived from plant cellulose.
A microscopic cellulose skin is sealed to the epidermis
utilizing tanning bed technology.
This procedure is pain-free and completely safe.
Feeníx looks and feels absolutely natural.
The moment Feeníx is applied
skin not only appears 98% wrinkle-free,
the signs of natural aging disappear for decades.
Feeníx is expensive,
but then beauty’s allure is often found in its cost.

There is a remote possibility that
the sensation of being touched could be lessened or lost completely.
This result affected an insignificant number of test subjects,
who were otherwise ecstatic over their skin’s new youthful appearance…

I Naturally/mixed media

I Naturally/mixed media

this illustration was done when the writer was 19 and wrinkle free 😉


25 thoughts on “Feeníx: Beauty’s Cutting ‘Age’ Procedure

    • I had way too much silly fun at 19 – so I don’t remember much. 😉
      Still waitin’ for Hollywood to lead the way with proper mature gals shining up the silver screen, but apparently if you’re an actress who’s gone silver you’re not golden anymore 😉 Does that even make sense? See that I’m too old to stay up past 8 pm 😉 And yes, men of maturing age have it better. I am guilty of appreciating Sean Connery much more now, than when he was 007.

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  1. Your wit is so apparent here — love it! Is this a self-portrait at 19?
    Just curious…..when did your talent in drawing begin? And then second part, when did your interest in drawing begin?
    Have you read Tina Fey’s Bossy Pants? Was sitting in laundry room (we are a city high-rise) waiting for cycles to whoosh through, reading it and laughing outlaid — so many times. Her section on photoshopping comes to mind reading this! A comparison to Tina Fey’s Bossy Pants — hints that you too will be a best seller! 🙂
    Does your attire change as a substitute teacher when you’re a gym teacher??? Will be curious to see if they leave lesson plans? 🙂

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    • Gosh, I wish this was a selfie – no, if memory serves I used reference images – though my bloggin’ buddy Bob (PacificNorthWestPhotography) asked if it was my daughter – and when I looked at the face – I thought – could be (she’s very pretty – not to be a momma peacock ;)).
      I’ve always drawn – started with horses for years and doodling in my scary diaries – my mom is an excellent artist and if she’d pursued art would have done really well – my older sis is a spectacular artist (I’ll be posting about her soon) –
      Let’s see – okay onto TIna’s book – yes, I read it and laughed all the way through. I love her story – she is an amazing and humble person with heart, history and humor… (I gave the book to someone at my garage sale)
      Yes, attire changes for gym-teachering and I will have plans. Miss C is a fabulous gym lady – she loves her kids so she’ll leave proper plans 🙂
      Have a great day, Lillian.
      if you haven’t – you should check out Bob’s site – his photos are breathtaking and his wildlife shots are used on the Nat Geo site too 🙂


  2. One of my very few “I wish I hadn’t done that” issues: I wish I hadn’t spent so many years as an alcoholic…it wreaks havoc with skin (because it is so dehydrating, for one thing), so it really prematurely aged mine. But I love your 19 year old drawing…she is beautiful and full of hope. Happy Friday! – Fawn

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