I Imagine You, Incognito I

I almost visualize
your face through the fog
you like hiding in the blur
It’s not fair really
but I imagine you
I’m versed at seeing inside words and letters
I can sketch an image of you in my head
like the clues to a crime
colors don’t matter
just forms
then I realize
I’m being quite foolish
like your hazy autonomy
so maybe it is best
to let you swim in the fog
where you can dwell
on the farthest coast
with my deepest thoughts
both good
and evil…



created a few months back, if memory serves


15 thoughts on “I Imagine You, Incognito I

    • I was thinking back to when I started my blog, how I weighed the merits of real-vs-anonymous, with name and image. I knew, I’d be more comfortable visiting blogs with ‘real’ people behind them. So I decided to put my name and image out there too. When I get anonymous comments, it’s a bit like answering the wind. Even blogs of folks who don’t use real names or their images – though I understand privacy…the reality is a blog is not private – and I feel like I never know who I’m really speaking with. When we meet folks in the ‘real’ world – they’re not throwing bags over their heads and presenting an alias (well, some might ;)). So, I thought I’d have a crack at a little series regarding this…
      and agreed, sometimes it is better not knowing 🙂

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  1. ….ah…already commented on the anonymity of this world in your “spooky” drawing…but here, you’ve nailed it…..people existing in the blur of the fog….I think some create their own fog. In a way, it’s like the smoke of dry ice right? Hot in the cold mist? This poem really gives food for thought.
    Maybe it all started with the stormtroopers costumes in the original Star Wars? Well, that’s not true…I think of the KKK and their masks…too many masks of one kind or another in this world.
    …..warm today in Boston. Perfect day for a walk along the Charles….you’ll join me incognito, right? 🙂

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    • I wish the world was a different place, but alas, one must be mature and not dream too much. I think about my children and I hope we’ve ‘armed’ them with the appropriate survival smarts. I think about my brother in the FBI and sometimes think, “how would Vito, approach this” and when I can’t figure it out, I just call him 😉
      Incognito for masquerade balls romantic – masks for Halloween and Mardi Gras terrific, cultural masks for celebrations and traditional observations fabulous – pretty much anything else – authentically frightening…
      If I do make it up to Boston – I’ll send my mask ahead of time 😉
      I should get up that way one of these days and visit my niece and nephew. My other nephew wants to relocate to Boston as well. My sister’s 3 kiddies are tight.

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  2. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the notion of “creating” both the writer and reader on the page/screen. I think we can’t help but create each other, actually; however, our readings of each other can sometimes be quite off the mark. We “read” in the only way we know how, the only way we can — via words. While we want to trust words, in this milieu of smoke and mirrors known as “social media,” many have perverted that trust and their words, though perhaps stylistically effective, are in the end not sincere, but intentionally manipulative.

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