Screen Skulking, Incognito II

I’m out here
staring at a
faceless surface
eyes in plain view
while you skulk
behind meanings

and saucy prose
diluting trust
by initiating

we all enter this place
flesh parallel to screen
after our fingers alight
you disconnect

it is difficult
fully appreciate
your faceless ingenuity

illumination is enlightenment
darkness often deceitful

liquid crystal display
is easy
too easy

for you to lurk
these days…
alien eyesAlien Eyes rendered a few weeks ago

Note: I can certainly appreciate the desire for anonymity, unfortunately there are those who take unkind advantage. Thank you.


17 thoughts on “Screen Skulking, Incognito II

  1. oh my……and in this world of tweeting and instagrams and FB etc…..the anonymity can be particularly debilitating to some receivers.
    spooky drawing….spooky words (meant in the most excellent way)!

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    • Thank you, Lillian.
      I thought about this one before publishing, not wanting to offend ‘anonys’ who do so for particular reasons.
      It’s the foul folks (sadly they exist) out there prowling…
      I’ve been quite ‘surprised’ over some lewd comments I’ve gotten. Thank goodness for comment approval. And Facebook – wow. I learned quickly after receiving a few extraordinarily foul snapshots…geez… I know it happens, but I still find it so difficult to believe or to comprehend that some people think dubious photos are enticing…wow.
      But one must keep their sense of humor. 🙂

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  2. Oh most definitely…anonymity can be used in very bad ways by the cowards too afraid to show their faces. Kick them to the curb…erase them…discount them and, if possible, step on them. Lovely drawing and poem.

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    • I honestly don’t set out in any particular direction. I’m sort of wet behind the ears with ‘poetry.’ What I generally do is begin with just one simple thought and try to maintain the flavor of that one thought. For me, I sometimes lose the emotion of a piece when too many complex words marry too many deep meanings – it’s almost too much of a good thing. The other thing I do is speak to an audience of one. I try to make my writing ‘intimate and personal’ …if that makes sense. I don’t know if I just confused you or helped…

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    • I agree with you.
      While, I do respect the need for some privacy and understand, there are those who take advantage in an unkind…and unnecessary manner…
      Personally, I like visiting blogs best that have names and faces…it’s a more relaxed visit 🙂
      Thank you.

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  3. Lurkers, creepers, catfishing — it’s all the same. Social media is “social” in both ways that “social” can be “good” and “bad.” Typically, we think of “social” and “socialness” involving manners, but social media is full of unmmanerly folks.

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