body counts can be lonely

your first makes you feel clumsy
the next keeps you in the present
the third makes you crave the future
the fourth grabs hold and you must run
the fifth is very learned and you do
the sixth wants much when you have little
bodies start turning into lonely places
the seventh, eighth and ninth become conjoined memories
the tenth needs more than you’re willing to give
one, asks you to linger forever

and you do…



nude model college curriculum


17 thoughts on “body counts can be lonely

  1. I certainly remember basic studio in my college art classes. It took a few days at the ripe old age of 19 to get over the nude figure in front of us. It was also challenging have her boyfriend in the class as well. 🙂


  2. Love the drawing – it is always amazing to me to see muscle definition on flat paper. Beautiful soft pastel with hard but curved muscle mass.
    The poem – I’ve read it three times and each time a different meaning comes to mind. Not an artist, but do see it can be about the models. I also think of the bodies we “go through” ourselves – growing, aging, wishing for a better this or that, and then finally at some age saying oh forget it, this is me. And we let it linger and are content.
    Would love a coffee meeting of the minds over this one….😊

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    • Thank you re: the drawing – done long ago. I really am dying to get back to a figure drawing class.
      This piece, as you so aptly deduced, was meant to be all encompassing. Relationships, acceptance of ourselves, life cycles.. that’s why I really was hoping I could end this one on a positive note – ’cause in the end, regardless of how we come through, we all want happiness 🙂
      I’m subbing 3rd grade today – by brain has already begun the numbing process 😉

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  3. Great job AnnMarie! Be sure to check out my two part short story ‘Rita B Pan and Rita B Pan Part Two’ it’s my own version of Peter Pan and instead of ‘Lost Boys’ there are ‘Lost Girls’ and you are in it as one of The Lost Girls. I thought the story would suck being that I was sick but I got a lot of rave reviews from my readers so I guess I didn’t too bad on this one. I think if you are a fan of the story Peter Pan you will like it. It also has your crocodile in there.


      • Thanks I’ve had a mixed day i burned my hand flipping my burger as some grease got on my hand. i kept dropping things like my phone today. i was out of sorts today. but i saw the diabetes dr i got a great report blood sugars are perfect than i hit up a videostore that was going out of business and they were selling millions of vhs tapes i still have a vhs player so i bought a whole bunch because they were only 25 cents per tape. sale runs 12 more days gonna hit them up again add to my collection.


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