fur from flesh

if you want to find me

follow my wicked scent
’round the tangle of thickets
and fibrous twisting cords
ignore the cacophony
of cawing toucans and deep-trilling hornbills
they’re at their zenith
nesting in the canopies
bear with the steam
jungles are hot and sticky that way
if you spot me
take pleasure in my beauty
admire me all you want
but please
restrain from cruel motivations
do not slice the fur from my flesh
or cut my eyes out

allow me the biological right
to dwell
in these temperate forests
where I can continue
adding majesty to our world
leopard rendered in Prisma pencil back in 2007


33 thoughts on “fur from flesh

  1. What an incredible writer you are AnnMarie! Keep this up and we will be seeing you on The New York Times Best Seller’s List very soon! It’s hard to get on there they only pick the great writers. Maybe I’ll get on there one day too.


      • Yea I will try my hardest but based on reading your writing if I was a betting man I would bet everything I own on you making it first. I do hope I get published one day the first stories I’ll be sure to have published will be the AnnMarie stories real masterpieces they are.


      • Well its taken me many great places already I made good friends along the way like you and Rita S. I am pretty sure now I couldn’t stop writing if I tried I love it so much and it makes me happy. It’s also makes me happy I can make others happy with my writing. That is the pay off for me not any money or fame. I can always look back at the end of life and say my writing did a lot of good for the world and helped some people get through some tough times. I am only 8 away from my 600th story getting closer to 600 then ultimately closer to a 1000 my big goal. Can’t wait to reach that goal.


  2. I read, I “liked,” I want to repost (re: em). Of course, you’re not a poet and this isn’t poetry (reverse psychology). πŸ™‚ Seriously, A+
    P.S.: Beautiful artwork πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bengal tigers and jaguars are with toucans in the rainforest – but wanted to use the leopard as she hasn’t presented herself in awhile, and my tiger(s) have made several guest appearances – can’t have these felines getting into cat fights πŸ˜‰
      Thank you re: image πŸ™‚


  3. Reblogged this on C-Dog & Company and commented:
    C-Dog & Company’s tagline is: “Because dogs and cats are family,” and I’ve never believed anything but. Indeed, this blog was begun to illustrate that idea in words and images.

    Lately, however, I’ve gone a little far afield with my blog content. I’ve had my forays into flash fiction and I’ve even had a “brief affair” with writing some pretty bad poetry (my apologies; the devil made me do it).

    Today I’m touching base with my original blog intention: to make readers think about animals, domestic and wild. Those safe, and those endangered.

    I’m sharing a good friend’s recent post, “fur from flesh,” from anntogether.com because 1) I love it, and 2) it has a message we’d all be wise to take to heart. AnnMarie’s poetry is the real-deal. She’s got the lyrical chops to daily blow you away. She wears her heart and soul on the page — something I admire greatly. Wordsmithing runs in her veins. Oh, and I should probably also tell you she’s a wonderful artist, as you can see. That talent goes without saying.

    Please check out her blog, anntogether.com, if you haven’t done so already.

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