less-guilty lovers

the moon’s giant eyes stare down
and glisten across the sheets
blue beams cut knife shapes
across our naked flesh
the sharp edges don’t slice
though we will cut apart
those we love
(rephrase for less guilt)
those we like
if love was there
neither would be here
with the moon’s foreplay
illuminating eager intentions
hoping love makes it through the window
like the silver-blue glare
we’re just two more
selfish lovers
in a world
with the same

Sharp Cupid

I hope this writing was a good enough excuse to use this previously published drawing – she’s one of my favorites


13 thoughts on “less-guilty lovers

    • As all liaisons would be…I’d think…
      And, thank you re: Madonna – never looked at her (sketch) that is in a “Material Girl” way but now she (sketch) has a whole new ‘spunky’ level to her personality – thank you πŸ™‚


  1. all the cutting images in the beginning…..and the moon’s foreplay….think I like the moon’s foreplay the best .. especially if it’s the man in the moon πŸ™‚ I like this figure also….at first I thought she was prancing — then I looked closer and it looks like she’s swinging on her bow….either way…she is one happy gal πŸ™‚


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