two percent separation

we are not so dissimilar
you and I
we share many things
we protect those we love
fight those who’d harm our families
use our hands
refine our skills
we are not so dissimilar
you and I
but two percent
gives you the human privilege
to kill me
to hunt my family
so we are
on opposite sides
of earth’s green coin

  for I am just
a primate
trying to survive tomorrow
and you are a selfish beast
stealing tomorrows
for pleasure and profit

you and I
are nothing alike
moonlit gorillagorilla rendered in Prisma back in 2008

“The big picture is that we’re perhaps 98 percent identical in our sequences to gorillas. So that means most of our genes are very similar, or even identical to, the gorilla version of the same gene…”  –


25 thoughts on “two percent separation

  1. oooooh….I love this! When I first read it, I thought the voice was the human, then it shifts in line 14 it shifts, and the voice is the primate…. and the ending really zings you! Great rendering also. I have always been fascinated with gorillas. Last year we were in San Diego Zoo (amazing place) and we spent well over an hour in front of the gorilla’s habitat. I can sit and watch them for hours! Would LOVE to email you a couple of photos….especially a hand one we have. LOVE this poem! Just learning some HTML….so may try another reply to see if I can include the picture.


  2. Okay….if this doesn’t work….just don’t approve it. Let’s see if I can get the image in here….and before I do, I’ve had the image on my desktop for weeks, waiting for a poem to germinate for it. So funny that we’re on the same page here —
    <img src=" alt="hand"/<


  3. Awesome work AnnMarie! I saw King Kong 76 version and King Kong Lives recently very entertaining movies yet get some real hate and rough reviews. I liked them. I made a new friend the other day she told me I came across as a good person. That made me feel good. Her name is Brandie Marie. Real nice girl. I am still very sick its ruining my summer. I need to get better and go on adventures. I wrote a recent story ‘Adventures with AnnMarie’ I think you will like that story but today I got off my deathbed to write ‘Rita B Week’ it made me feel better and I am sure Rita B will enjoy that one.


  4. Like Lillian, I too like the way this poem shifts in line 14 (use your fingers; I did, :)) to the gorilla’s POV. I love the art, too — you’ve absolutely nailed the contemplative look those great beasts often display. Really very nice post here, AM. Such an important message, too. I’m retweeting. 🙂


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