independent together

repetitive pops in the distance
rapid fire noises
hot air popper blips bring me back
to college dorm days
sucking caffeine at 3am
studying at 4
sleeping at 5
waking at 7
firecracker practice
airborne bubbling sound bytes
too feeble for thunder
the kind you visualize with hydrogen kaleidoscopes
from my porch the night sky is void of color
cheap firepower like my thoughts
July Fourth
United States Independence
always thought being independent together was interesting
Grandma Gulli was born on July Fourth
she was independent together
her husband was an angry alcoholic
she had bigger problems than putting on successful fireworks
why don’t I think of her much anymore
I remember hot air popcorn
my mom visits her mother’s grave
and remembers
it was difficult for a long while
their lives were like firecrackers
bursts of noises
hollering reds and oranges, flaming yellows
crying blues wet
Grandma Gulli used to work at a paper factory
I wonder if she ever thought about setting fire to the paper
watch it crackle
maybe take away the pain
diffuse her broken heart
with smoke signals
this July Fourth
I will remember Grandma Gulli
I will remember those who would have been tried for treason
I will be independent together



Eagle done in 2008 – original donated to raise money for local high school (all night party)
geez, I’d like to go to an all night party;)

Doing my ‘dad’ post for my father’s b’day – early July

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all you DADS out there!


16 thoughts on “independent together

  1. Ah, Miss AM, there’s a certain nostalgic melancholia in these lines, if I’m reading them straight. It’s a fascinating piece with the lines triggering and popping like fireworks. I like it very much. I am sorry for your grandmother, sorry for anyone who has to live with an alcoholic. ‘Independent together’ is one of those oxymorons that seem strangely perfect. Wonderful art. And I noticed you got some of your artwork on your other platforms — very nice!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Deb. I was hearing ‘practice’ fireworks last night and got to thinking about my mom’s mom born 7/4 – long ago she lived with us – she’d move in then move out, back to the city – could only handle suburbia in metered doses…
      Last night – I felt a bit guilty thinking of how I’ve been forgetting to remember her…
      Re art: thanks – I’m trying to get more art out and it was kind ‘o fun puttin’ some interest behind chacha 😉


      • Ah, practice fireworks; story of our home-home neighborhood (or maybe they’re just gun shots). I’m listening to a guy chainsawing down trees or something right now — this, on my peaceful Sunday morn. Glad you’ve added your artwork. Beautiful rememberance of your grandmother. 🙂


  2. I love the things I learn from my imaginary friends…”associative leaping” is a new concept for me, also. I think “independent together” is a pretty good description of my last marriage (also alcohol-fueled). Lives in such separate directions but under the same roof for many many years. I love your eagle! – Fawn

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