Blogger G

would I know you, Blogger G
would you know me
if we passed each other on the street
on a mountain path
in a crowded mall
in a dark crevice
would I feel your words
would you sense my visual energy
is there a virtual language we might speak

do we know each other well enough
to know each other at all
all this time
intimately connecting at the push of a button
I wonder, Blogger G
would we hug
would it be a handshake
perhaps something more

how well do we know one another
when these machines allow us to be
whoever we want
there are times
Blogger G

I will admit
I write while pretending I’m someone else
my art
might represent me
other times, I don’t know what it means
how about you
Blogger G
do you create as yourself
or do you channel some netherworld persona

I think, my friend
unless we are wearing
our digital masks
we won’t even know when
we’ve stepped on each others’ toes
so I wonder
Blogger G
after all this time
if we ever really knew each other at all…

mint eyes

mint eyes

39 thoughts on “Blogger G

  1. Amazing work AnnMarie you are the greatest!!! The drawing is awesome it really showcases your talent, skill, your creative mind and imagination. And great writing as always!


  2. This is wonderful! I often feel and think these thoughts as I make this virtual connection on this site as if in another world…and you are right…how much of ourselves do we show in this other reality? We can be so so selective, but it is not the real macoy…you cannot beat flesh, blood, tears and touch and hugs and eye contact! Thank you A.M. for putting into words what I feel a lot of the time! I am so grateful though for the audience it has provided for me and the grateful encouragement I have received since I started doing this in March! This would not have been possible anywhere else. The sharing of thoughts and minds is awesome! I think keeping things balanced, in perspective, not getting too caught up is the answer…and you are SO right…if I met Blogger G in the street…I would probably be very disappointed! Then there is the bigger question…”How well do we ever know anyone at all…?” Enough rant…on with the day! Busy times…take good care! 🙂 x

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    • Krystyna-
      thank you – your words here are spot on – a fellow blogger, Deb – who I now consider a dear friend (met through blogging) – often discuss the merits-the pros and cons of digital ‘journaling.’ There are truly, amazing folks who selflessly share their techniques, inspirations, trepidations…then unfortunately there are others, not many I believe – who might not hold noble aspirations – but, this is also true in life…
      I absolutely agree with you – blogging is a fantastic vehicle when driven for the right reasons – and terrific reasons abound 🙂
      Have a great day and thank you again for your perfect insights here 🙂

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  3. Oooh he’s pretty creepy, but I love him!!
    “..intimately connecting at the push of a button…” So true. I, for one like to try and maintain a certain amount of anonymity. I dunno why, fear maybe. But I’m finding the more comfortable I become at this blogging thing the more I open up.
    I think I’d recognize you, I sense these things.. And you’d probably recognize my antennae. We’d hug for sure.


      • No, I can’t say that that’s ever happened to me. It’s usually real life and all that it entails that haunts me.
        Maybe “G” represents something on a deeper level for you. Did you draw him with a premeditated image in mind or did he sort of come-out automatically? Just curious.
        May tonight’s sleep be filled with happy dreams of silly monsters that love to tickle your toes.


      • Since I was a kid, certain images just get me more than others – for many years – when I was a child there was this one particular Goya painting that scared the crap outta me on a daily basis. To this day certain images will just hang in my head until I can banish them. This guy is quite possibly an amalgam of a bunch of stuff…ooo…
        I had great dreams – reading a fantastic book – Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin – it’s an excellent Lincoln bio

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  4. Looks into the mirror… nope, not me. 🙂
    I’d recognize you, I think. You wouldn’t recognize me because I hide behind a mask, like blogger G. But, would you really want to be hugged by a total stranger? I guess there are different ways to connect, and communicate–and that enables us to recognize each other if we want to, and feel safe.


    • Getting hugged by a stranger – if the circumstances are right. The other day – I held the door for what turned out to be a line of elderly folks leaving Barnes & Noble and the last gent in line turned to me, smiled, gave me a hug and said “Bless you.” That was a terrific stranger hug. And who knows, he could be a blogger 😉 A woman in his party was toting a Nook 🙂
      There are definitely all sorts of ways to connect, especially today. I’m not a worrier by nature, this piece was more of a curiosity I wanted to put out there. I know from speaking with other bloggers …
      Thank you.
      Have a terrific day!

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  5. This drawing is beautifully creepy! Drew an immediate response from me as in “would never want to meet this thing!” You on the other hand – would love to meet you and — there would definitely be a hug!
    For me, in this cyber space since March, I write as I am. If that makes sense. And you, Blogger A, have been, in a sense, a mentor. Your kind words have been the encouragement for me to keep writing many times. This poem is excellent – it’s a different kind of knowing. The “one button” pushers (Likes) are appreciated. The com mentors are the communicators.
    We fly home today – will be good to get to my own coffee pot! 🙂


    • Hi Lillian – safe travels back. One of these days, I just might get around to visiting my niece and nephew up there in Beantown and after the hello hug, you and I will drink lots of coffee and chat up a storm 🙂 wouldn’t that be fun 🙂
      I am humbled by your kind and generous words here, Lillian. I remember what it was like starting out and I’m glad you’ve grown a gorgeous set of cyber wings 🙂
      Your poems are exquisitely crafted works of art – each one a jewel.
      This post for me – the art and the words – was more one of investigative curiosity – it’s fascinating reading everyone’s different spin on their ‘trepidations’ whatever they might be…
      Have a lovely day, my friend.
      ps so glad to hear about the improved building situation too 🙂

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